The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast reacts to surprising Episode 2 vote for elimination competitor

the cast of the challenge all stars 3 in episode 2
The Authority meets to decide elimination opponents for The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

A cast full of legendary players makes for a challenging decision-making process over which OGs get voted into the elimination on The Challenge: All Stars 3.

That was especially true when the six cast members, known as The Authority, met in Episode 2 to decide which man and woman would go into the latest elimination.

While the previous episode had The Authority sending in the second-to-last players in the daily challenge, the latest vote went much differently, sending in a surprising OG.

This report will contain spoilers through Episode 2 of The Challenge: All Stars 3, including elimination competitors and results.

The Authority had surprising vote in Episode 2

In The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 2, The Authority found themselves in a tough predicament as they chose which players to send into the elimination. The worst-performing players in the daily challenge were Laterrian Wallace and Tina Bridges, but they needed opponents.

The Authority consisted of the six players who performed best in the daily challenge. They included Kendal Sheppard, Veronica Portillo, Jordan Wiseley, Kailah Casillas, Brad Fiorenza, and Yes Duffy. Each player had their own agenda and specific people they needed to protect.

Kailah suggested they go around the group and name anyone they wouldn’t want to send in. That brought up KellyAnne Judd for Kendal, Sylvia Elsrode for Kailah, Jemmye Carroll and Derrick Kosinski for Yes, and Nia Moore for Jordan.

Brad said he wouldn’t say Wes Bergmann’s name, which seemed to irritate Yes, who felt Wes should be a consideration. It left three competitors for The Authority to consider sending into elimination: Syrus Yarbrough, Nehemiah Clark, and Mark Long.

In a shocking vote, Mark was the one that ended up getting sent into the elimination to face Laterrian. The other vote was for Melinda Collins to face her friend Tina. Viewers later saw Melinda bow out, indicating she was suffering from ankle injury issues.

All Stars react to The Authority’s decision

Once the episode had arrived on Paramount Plus, it prompted Veronica to fire off a tweet on Wednesday to ask others how surprising it was that The Godfather got sent in.

“Can we talk about how @TheMark Long was voted in. Don’t the 6 members of The Authority understand the show & their involvement would not exist without him? Shouldn’t that get him a free ride to at least the halfway point?” she tweeted.

Her castmate Kendal jumped into the comments, indicating she wanted to explain how things really went down but didn’t.

veronica tweets about mark long vote on all stars 3
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

Fans also chimed in, with one suggesting Wes against LT would have been a better matchup for the elimination. Veronica replied, saying that was due to Brad protecting Wes.

veronica portillo tweets about all stars 3
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

That brought Brad into the comments, where he said he and Mark had already talked about protecting each other as best they could while holding up other agreements they had with castmates. Brad said he “tried to go to bat” for his friend Mark, but unfortunately, he couldn’t sway things.

“I was surprised and already protected Wes. I really disliked that vote turnout,” Brad said.

In other tweets, Mark showed the love back for his friend, saying he knew he was in a “bad spot,” while Kendal added, “this is not what happened!!”

mark long and brad fiorenza tweet about all stars 3 cote
Pic credit: @BradFiorenza/Twitter

Based on Kendal’s two tweets, she shares some serious details that may not have made it into the episode. It’s possible there were other things said during The Authority’s meeting that led to Mark getting sent into the elimination.

Fortunately for Mark, he showed the drive and determination to win the early elimination and keep himself in the game as he defeated Laterrian in Lights Out. In his confessional, the Godfather also made it known that he was heading back into the house on full alert and ready to play.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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