Teen Mom OG: Mackenzie Edwards suggests that Taylor McKinney broke into her car

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG and Taylor McKinney
Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie hinted that Taylor McKinney may have been involved in her car break-in and theft. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards shared a post about her car being broken into and personal items stolen and hinted that Maci Bookout’s husband, Taylor McKinney, may have been involved.

Mackenzie shared a post to her Facebook page last week, telling her followers, “I’ve debated on posting this but some lowlife broke into my car at Target on Gunbarrel. They took a black LV bag and my MacBook Air.”

“If you see this car or a MacBook Air on marketplace please let me know! And watch out for this car!!”

The post included a pic with several angles, time-stamped Tuesday, April 20 at 3:49 pm and looked to be surveillance footage taken from a business establishment.

When one of Mackenzie’s Facebook friends suggested Taylor McKinney was the thief, she said it ‘crossed her mind’

One of Mackenzie’s Facebook friends was seemingly joking when they commented on the post, “it was probably that skinny kid with the beard that Larry punked on the Reunion show”

Mackenzie tagged the commenter and replied, “crossed my mind lmao”

When the commenter replied with a gif of a girl eating popcorn through her face mask, Mackenzie replied again.

This time she said, “the guy took my lipstick too. You really might be on to something there..”

Mackenzie’s Facebook friend was seemingly referring to Taylor McKinney, when they said, “that skinny kid with the beard that Larry punked on the Reunion show.”

Taylor and Mackenzie’s father-in-law, Larry Edwards, got into an argument that almost turned physical during the Teen Mom OG reunion episode. Things got so heated that Taylor and his wife, Maci, ended up walking off the set.

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG on Facebook
Mackenzie implied that Taylor has “crossed her mind” as a possible suspect in her car break-in and theft. Pic credit: Mackenzie Edwards/Facebook

Mackenzie made headlines earlier this week

Amid the ongoing feud between the Edwards and the McKinneys, Mackenzie shared a cryptic message that read, “she remembered who she was, and the game changed” and told her followers, “Game’s over.”

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG on Facebook
Mackenzie made a sarcastic statement also implying that Taylor stole her lipstick. Pic credit: Mackenzie Edwards/Facebook

Mackenzie likely was indirectly responding to Maci, who has clapped back at Ryan and Mackenzie lately over their feud.

Maci threw shade at the couple when her company released three new t-shirts with the hashtags #PETTYB*TCH, #TEAMTAYLOR and #TEAMBENTLEY.

Maci also addressed Ryan and Mackenzie in an article recently when she said she’s “done playing games” after Ryan called her husband Taylor a “punk b***h.”

Maci and Ryan’s 12-year-old son Bentley is caught at the center of the feuding between his parents, stepparents, and grandparents, so hopefully the adults can work things out with his best interests in mind.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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