Teen Mom OG fans think Maci Bookout got a ‘new face’

Maci Bookout of Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG fans think Maci got a “new face” after seeing the latest pic she shared online. Pic credit: MTV

After Maci Bookout shared a new pic on social media, Teen Mom OG fans are saying she doesn’t look the same and even think she got a “new face.”

Maci shared two new pics on social media this week, and it has fans of Teen Mom OG wondering if she had some work done.

Did Maci have work done on her face?

In the first pic, Maci and her eldest son, Bentley, hugged each other in the sweet snap taken outside for a photo shoot.

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The second pic, in black and white, showed Bentley picking up his mom, while Maci had her mouth wide open, both of them smiling and having fun.

Maci captioned her pics, “SWIPE ➡️ Photographer: Oh this looks beautiful! He’s almost bigger than you Maci! Also Photographer: Bentley can you pick your mom up yet? Bentley: Well yeah, just make sure you get the mullet. ??? #13goingon30 just brought on a whole new meaning. A few more months til’ I’m 30 and Benny will be a TEENAGER!”

One fan of Teen Mom OG took notice of Maci’s appearance, and started a thread on Reddit titled, “Maci got a new face[.]”

Teen Mom OG fans were convinced Maci had some cosmetic procedures on her face

Other fans of the show discussed whether Maci had some cosmetic work done or not, after noticing that her face looked fuller and smoother than usual.

Maci Bookout of Teen Mom OG on Reddit
Reddit users discussed Maci’s seemingly “new face.” Pic credit: u/Ambitious_Culture970/Reddit

One Reddit user felt that Maci definitely got fillers in her face, and doesn’t look like she used to.

They commented, “She DEF got fillers. Lips and her cheeks. It’s super obvious. I’m sorry you’re being downvoted… it’s insane how people can CONSTANTLY talk about how puffy and swollen Kail is but how dare you comment on Maci! Absolutely bonkers! She def had work done, and I don’t think it suits her personally. She was prettier before.”

One fan of the show thought Maci had simply just aged and commented, “This is called aging,” but another Reddit user also thought she was getting injectables and responded, “Not even. It’s fillers.”

Maci Bookout of Teen Mom OG on Reddit
Teen Mom OG fans discussed Maci’s “new face” on Reddit. Pic credit: u/Ambitious_Culture970/Reddit

One fan of Teen Mom OG thought that Maci’s changed appearance was due to her alcohol consumption and commented, “Looks more like her alcohol use is catching up to her[.]”

Yet another fan thought that Maci didn’t get any work done, but was just aging gracefully. “[S]he literally looks the same just older,” the Reddit user said.

Maci Bookout of Teen Mom OG on Reddit
Teen Mom OG fans discussed Maci’s “new face” and whether or not she got fillers. Pic credit: u/Ambitious_Culture970/Reddit

Another fan of the show thought that a “new face” wasn’t the correct term to use in Maci’s case, who presumably got fillers. They also felt that if Maci did have work done, hers was more subtle than some of the other cast members of the Teen Mom franchise.

“Since when did having a bit of work done = getting a new face? If this was about Farrah or Kail, okay they have new faces, but Maci just seems like she’s had lip filler and maybe another type of filler, doesn’t look very different,” wrote the Reddit user.

Maci isn’t the only Teen Mom whose appearance has come under fire lately

It seems the stars of the Teen Mom franchise have come under fire lately for their appearances.

Chelsea Houska, formerly of Teen Mom 2, came under fire recently for her “orange” spray tan. And another Teen Mom 2 star, Kail Lowry, got slammed by trolls who thought she needs to ease up on the fillers.

Since Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards and his family have been fired from MTV, fans are anxiously waiting next season of Teen Mom OG to see if Maci’s storyline will still be relevant, or if it’s time for her to end her run with the show.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

If she got them off maybe now they can concentrate on her add addiction. I understand she was traumatized over the shooting but alcohol and anxiety meds definitely why she was slurring and falling asleep. Don’t understand why this isn’t addressed more.