Teen Mom OG fans blast Amber Portwood after she shares a ‘cheat day’ post

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG
When Amber shared a post about her “cheat day” from her diet, fans attacked her for her parenting choices and mental illness. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood can’t seem to catch a break from trolls, and her latest post was no exception. When she shared a post about her “cheat day” from her diet, fans put her on blast for her behavior.

Amber recently told her followers that she’s trying a low-carb diet for three months, and shared a throwback pic of herself when she was leaner, telling her fans it was her goal to look like the pic after she completes her diet.

Earlier this week, Amber shared a pic of gelato she was enjoying for her “cheat day” from her diet.

The up-close pic of Amber’s dessert was accompanied by her caption, “Gelato from Enzo Pizza – that’s it for my cheat day [tongue sticking out emoji] #cheatday #gelato”

Amber stirred up controversy recently when she walked off the set of the Teen Mom OG reunion after telling her ex, Gary, that his wife, Kristina, was “absolutely horrible.”

Amber has seemingly been trying to cool things down by sharing posts about enrolling in college courses at Perdue University, starting her new diet, and a pic of her son James’s learning toys.

However, fans of the show and some of Amber’s followers aren’t impressed with her behavior, and they aren’t afraid to let her know it.

Many of Amber’s followers slam the 30-year-old reality tv star

One of Amber’s followers shared their view on her mental illness and thought she needs to put in more effort.

“You give people with mental illness a bad name! I’m a nurse and I struggle with some things and have seen hundreds of others as well. Guess what, we all get up, take care of our families and put in the work to keep it together,” the commenter wrote.

They continued, “Everyone trips up but mental illness has zero to do with you putting men over your children? Or picking a fight with Kristina who’s done nothing but accommodate you!”

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
One of Amber’s followers told her she gives “people with mental illness a bad name” and another brought up the footage of her attacking her ex, Gary Shirley. Pic credit: @realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

A few of Amber’s followers poked fun at her appearance during the reunion episode

Fans accused Amber of being on drugs after watching her appearance and behavior during her segment of the reunion, noting she was seemingly having trouble keeping her eyes open during her interview.

One fan of the show wrote, “Hopefully you can keep your eyes open!!”

In response, another fan sarcastically threw shade at Amber for her absence in her daughter, Leah’s life when they responded, “she couldn’t keep her eyes open at the reunion because she’s been there for Leah, for 12 years, so she was just really tired.”

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Fans of Teen Mom OG joked about Amber struggling to keep her eyes open during the reunion episode. Pic credit: @realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

One of Amber’s fans showed up to support the teen mom

Amber’s supporter wrote, “I don’t understand all the nastiness on here? If you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all didn’t your mothers teach you this? There’s a ‘UNFOLLOW button use it!!”

“Bunch of keyboard warrior’s and trolls!!! I guarantee none of you would EVER say anything to her face to much of a coward so have to do it behind a screen!!” the angered fan continued.

Another follower couldn’t hold back from making a joke in reference to Amber’s arrest for attacking her ex, Andrew Glennon, with a machete, while he held their son, James.

The commenter joked, “yep! I would never say anything to her face. I don’t want to be chase with a machete.”

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
When one fan came to Amber’s defense, another made fun of her machete incident. Pic credit: @realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

Amber is no stranger to controversy

In March, Amber went on a rant during an IG live video where she verbally attacked her daughters’ stepmom, Kristina Shirley, calling her a “w***e” and a “homewrecker.”

Earlier this year, Amber went on a tirade after a follower trolled her about her son James, taking out her anger on Kristina once again.

Amber has suffered from substance abuse and mental illness since she was first introduced to audiences in 2009, and despite fans calling for her to be fired from Teen Mom and her perpetually rocky history, she maintains that she’s a good mom.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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