Teen Mom OG fans think Amber Portwood is using drugs after reunion segment

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG.
Amber Portwood seemed out of it on the Teen Mom OG reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood sat down for the first part of the Teen Mom OG reunion. She faced Dr. Drew and Nessa and also filmed a segment with Gary Shirley.

Much of her storyline this season focused on the contention in her relationship with her daughter, Leah. Things looked good initially, but Leah voiced her disappointment in her mom and started to pull away.

During the reunion, Amber was upset during the segment with Gary. The topic of Kristina Shirley set her off, and she ended things and walked away.

Teen Mom OG fans speculate Amber Portwood was high

While Amber Portwood talked with Dr. Drew and Nessa, there were some noticeable pauses. She likely was thinking through her words, but some Teen Mom OG viewers thought she was using something.

Twitter was filled with comments about Amber and why she was behaving as she did. She struggles with mental health issues, so that could have played a role in how she was feeling.

One viewer said, “Amber is still on drugs. Her eyes didn’t open once during her segment and she’s slurring her words. Let’s stop exploiting this train wreck and get her some rehab.”

Teen Mom OG comment about Amber.
Pic credit: @FtoastLBoogie/Twitter

Many of the comments suggested that because she couldn’t keep her eyes open, that meant she was using again. This was not the disposition she has had in the past during reunions. However, she is typically surrounded by her Teen Mom OG friends, not filming the reunion remotely.

Another Twitter user said, “amber seems to be on some kind of drugs… she can’t keep her eyes open and is slurring her words”

Another Amber comment from Twitter.
Pic credit: @essiedailypop/Twitter

Amber Portwood’s past drug use

The early seasons of Teen Mom OG were filled with Amber Portwood battling her own demons. From using drugs to having anger issues, she let some of the darkest parts of her life be filmed.

After hitting Gary Shirley and realizing her alternatives, Amber spent time in prison and was removed from the MTV show. After completing her time, she returned to the show, though her decision-making skills still weren’t any better.

If it wasn’t drugs, it was men. That has been a big part of Leah’s discussions with her dad and step-mom regarding Amber. She felt like her mom put the men in her life (Matt Baier and Andrew Glennon) ahead of her.

While it is unclear if Amber Portwood was high on the Teen Mom OG reunion, viewers believe she was based on her actions.

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3 years ago

Kept waiting for Amber to nod off!!