Teen Mom 2 fans say Jade Cline ‘puts up with Sean’ because she’s scared to be alone

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2
Fans of Teen Mom 2 think Jade Cline “puts up with” Sean Austin because she is afraid of being alone. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 viewers are saying that Jade Cline “puts up with” her baby daddy Sean Austin because she is afraid of being alone.

This season, Teen Mom 2 viewers have watched Jade’s plastic surgery journey and her chaotic recovery.

After having a Brazilian Butt Lift and 360° liposuction performed in Florida, Jade’s parents and baby daddy, Sean, were with her to help with her recovery.

However, things didn’t go as planned when Jade’s mom, Christy, disappeared for over three hours while allegedly trying to fill Jade’s prescription for pain medication.

Sean and Jade’s stepdad got into a physical altercation, and Sean became so frenzied that he lashed out at MTV producers and threatened violence.

Jade was in excruciating pain, and wasn’t able to properly heal from her surgery from all of the turmoil surrounding her.

Jade’s friend and fellow Teen Mom 2 castmate Briana DeJesus swooped in and saved the day when she offered for Jade to stay at her house to finish recovering.

Jade ended up cutting her parents out of her life, after alerting her fans with a statement earlier this season.

Teen Mom 2 fans think Jade ‘puts up with’ Sean for fear of being alone

She hasn’t, however, cut Sean out of her life, although many fans feel that she should have, and long ago.

Teen Mom 2 viewers are saying that Jade “puts up with” Sean due to her fear of being alone.

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Teen Mom 2 fans don’t think Jade is holding Sean accountable for his behavior. Pic credit: u/Paigep77/Reddit

One follower of the show posted a Reddit thread called “Jade isn’t holding her ” man” accountable. All on her parents!!” and discussed the topic with other Teen Mom 2 followers.

One Teen Mom 2 viewer felt as though she only keeps Sean in her life because she can’t depend on her parents.

“I’ll also say, I think if Jades parents weren’t complete pieces of crap, she would eventually leave Sean alone. Jade is [scared] of doing it herself, of truly being alone (and that is 99.9% of the population. Some of the people talking crap about Jade, have people in their lives that ain’t s**t right now but are somehow justifying it),” commented the Reddit user.

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
One Teen Mom 2 viewer felt that Jade keeps Sean in her life because she needs the help and can’t depend on her parents. Pic credit: u/Paigep77/Reddit

Does Jade stay with Sean for Kloie’s sake?

Another Reddit user commented on the thread and felt that Jade keeps Sean in her life because he’s their daughter Kloie’s father and agreed that she needs his help since she can’t rely on her parents.

The comment read, “True. But for the sake of Kloie I think she’s trying to get along more with Sean because even if they aren’t together Sean is going to be part of Kloies life more than Christy and Pappy.”

They continued, “I think she was trying to just not fight with him there, because in keeping Christy away she actually needed Seans help with that at the moment and if he’s pissed he wouldn’t help.”

Another fan of the show agreed with the previous comment and pointed out that Sean actually helped with taking care of Kloie during Jade’s surgery recovery.

“This is why I think she puts up with Sean. Additionally this time around I think he actually was helping, with Kloie, but still. And I can only imagine what it would be like to take care of a young toddler and a person that can’t even shower herself (and Sean is not exactly the smartest, so we know multi tasking is out of the way).

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Teen Mom 2 fans discussed why they think Jade “puts up with” Sean on Reddit. Pic credit: Pic credit: u/Paigep77/Reddit

Jade and Sean’s relationship has been a rocky one

Jade and Sean have had a tumultuous, on-and-off relationship. They recently sparked rumors they were back together again when Sean was seen traveling with Jade to Las Vegas.

Jade and Sean sparked engagement rumors when Jade was spotted with a huge sparkler on her left ring finger. However, it was short-lived, and the two broke up (yet again) after Jade discovered Sean was on a dating app and told her fans they could “have him.”

Sean proposed to Jade this season on Teen Mom 2, but Jade declined his proposal and said that a ring wouldn’t fix their problems.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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