Teen Mom 2: Jade Cline explains why she didn’t accept Sean’s proposal

Jade Cline and Sean Austin of Teen Mom 2
Jade Cline explained to her followers why she rejected Sean’s proposal. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline rejected her baby daddy’s proposal on national TV, and now she’s explaining why.

Last week on Teen Mom 2, fans watched as Sean bought a ring and this week, he waited until the cameras left to propose to Jade.

After some prodding from an MTV producer, Sean revealed that he had asked Jade to marry him and wanted the moment to be private without the cameras filming.

The day after the proposal, Jade didn’t look very excited about the three and a half carat ring, which didn’t fit her “sausage fingers,” as she called them.

Jade, who many fans of the show find “draining,” revealed that she wanted to take things slow now that they were living separately, but Sean wanted a lot more a lot sooner when he had marriage in mind.

Jade opened up a Q&A to her followers after this week’s episode

After the episode aired, Jade told her followers, “Miss y’all!” and asked them to “Drop some bomb questions” in her Instagram stories.

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Jade asked her followers to ask her some “bomb” questions. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Jade revealed that a marriage ‘commitment’ isn’t something she’s ready for

One question from a fan read, “Why didn’t u accept the engagement that[?]”

Jade explained, “Not ready for that type of commitment. I still have some self searching to do.”

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Jade explained why she rejected Sean’s proposal. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Jade wasn’t ready to rush into anything with Sean

“I feel like the ring is something I’m not, I’m just like, holding off on,” Jade said of Sean’s proposal.

It seemed as though Jade wanted to take things extra slowly, and focus on co-parenting Kloie, while Sean was ready to get hitched right away.

Jade was less than enthusiastic about the ring talk with the producer, and when asked about the state of their relationship, she fist-bumped Sean, seemingly to show that she just wanted to keep things friendly.

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Jade’s fans had questions about her salon. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

The on-and-off couple had been engaged once before, several years ago, and Jade knew from experience that a ring wouldn’t fix their relationship problems.

She said, “I feel like the ring is a sweet gesture, but it isn’t gonna fix your problems. Like, we both know that. Like, we were engaged once before like three or four years ago.”

Jade took on some other fan questions in her Instagram Q&A

The licensed cosmetologist revealed that she’s currently looking to take on some new clients for her business, Hair Slayed by Jade, where her salon’s Instagram page reveals that she requires a $25 non-refundable down payment to book a slot with the MTV star.

Another fan had a question for Jade about her salon, “would you ever open a bigger salon & have employees?”

Jade, who underwent a Brazilian butt lift earlier this year, answered, “Yess that’s on the way come fall ?”

The topic of tattoos came up when another fan asked Jade, “Are you going to get more tattoos? If so, what are they?!”

The 23-year-old replied, “Yezzz and I’m coming up with some new ideas to finish my sleeve ?”

Was Jade’s statement aimed at Sean?

Jade issued a statement last week before the airing of Teen Mom 2, warning her fans that she would be facing some hard challenges in upcoming episodes, and hinted at cutting certain people out of her life.

Fans of the show will have to catch up next week to find out what Jade’s statement was all about and who she decided to cut out of her life.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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