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Teen Mom 2 fans are messaging the wrong Mackenzie about the ‘Jenelle story’

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG and Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2
Mackenzie is apparently getting messages from fans about the “Jenelle story,” but she’s the wrong Mackenzie from Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG wanted her fans to know that she appreciates their support, but they’ve been messaging the wrong Mackenzie regarding the “Jenelle story.”

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans, formerly of Teen Mom 2, exchanged jabs with another Teen Mom OG star by the same first name, Mackenzie Edwards.

McKee received messages aimed at another Mackenzie after Jenelle Evans and Mackenzie Edwards exchanged jabs

After Jenelle went on record stating that she agreed with MTV’s decision to fire Ryan Edwards from Teen Mom OG, she and Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Edwards, went back and forth.

“I don’t think it’s healthy for teens to be watching other people on drugs, especially young teens who are watching Teen Mom,” Jenelle said in her interview with The Sun that got Mackenzie Edwards heated.

She also refuted Mackenzie’s claims that Ryan is sober, saying, “You can tell he is in and out of drugs a lot, no matter what Mackenzie says, and I just think it doesn’t need to be aired.”

Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Edwards, fired back in an interview with The Ashley and said, “Doesn’t she have a dog to go rescue, or a podcast to be fired from, or a bad TikTok dance to re-create?”

Jenelle clapped right back, and took to Instagram to share a series of videos claiming that although she struggled with drug addiction, too, she acknowledged her issues and got help.

Apparently, fans of the Teen Mom franchise mixed up their Mackenzie’s

Mackenzie McKee, who stars on Teen Mom OG, took to Twitter to clear up the Mackenzie mix-up.

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Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Mackenzie McKee got mistaken for Mackenzie Edwards and caught in the middle of the “Jenelle story.” Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter

She told her followers, “I appreciate everyone having my back and messaging me concerning the Janelle story. But it’s the wrong Mackenzie ?. There is not one single mom on any teen mom show I hve a issue with. I adore them all and proud of everyone. Much love ❤”

She elaborated on her post in the comments: “And if one of them don’t like me. There is nothing I can do about it. It’s my job to love others. It’s not my job to make sure they love me back ?.”

Mackenzie McKee is dealing with her own set of issues

It looks like Mackenzie McKee is preparing her fans for another Teen Mom drama fest. She recently admitted that she went “psycho” during filming and isn’t looking forward to the next season of the show because of her mood swings and health issues.

McKee recently revealed that her health has worsened, specifically her type 1 diabetes. In addition to her health issues, Mackenzie struggles with how she and husband Josh McKee are “inaccurately” portrayed on the show.

With filming still taking place for Teen Mom OG, fans of the show will have to wait for the next season to air to see the behavior Mackenzie forewarned them about.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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