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Mackenzie Edwards and Jenelle Evans trade jabs after Teen Mom 2 star says MTV justified in firing Ryan

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG and Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2
Mackenzie Edwards clapped back at Jenelle Evans for remarks she made about her husband, Ryan being fired for his drug use, and Jenelle clapped right back again. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards fired back at Jenelle Evans for her comments about Mackenzie’s husband, Ryan Edwards, being fired from MTV. It didn’t take long for Jenelle to clap right back.

Last week, Jenelle made remarks about Ryan’s firing from MTV in a recent interview, where she said his alleged drug abuse wasn’t healthy for kids to be watching on TV.

Jenelle went on record saying that teens watching Ryan Edwards on drugs ‘isn’t healthy’

“I don’t think it’s healthy for teens to be watching other people on drugs, especially young teens who are watching Teen Mom,” Jenelle said in the interview with The Sun.

Jenelle, who has a history of drug abuse herself, also refuted Mackenzie’s claims that Ryan has been sober, saying, “You can tell he is in and out of drugs a lot, no matter what Mackenzie says, and I just think it doesn’t need to be aired.”

After hearing about Jenelle’s remarks, Mackenzie spoke out

Mackenzie gave her own interview with The Ashley and in response to Jenelle’s comments, Mackenzie said, “Doesn’t she have a dog to go rescue, or a podcast to be fired from, or a bad TikTok dance to re-create?”

Mackenzie was surprised to hear that Jenelle was making comments about her and her husband, Ryan, considering they don’t know each other personally.

“I don’t even know her,” Mackenzie said, “And she doesn’t have to believe anything I say because I literally do not care what her (or anyone’s) thoughts are.”

Mackenzie supported Ryan’s efforts at sobriety, refuting Jenelle’s claims that he is “in and out of drugs a lot.”

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“I’m incredibly proud of Ryan for how far he’s come,” Mackenzie said, “This isn’t a one day solution type of thing. It’s a lifelong journey that we are working at.”

“So, that being said, I hope if this story relates to someone that is going through the same thing, that they are encouraged to get the help they deserve!” the former MTV star added.

Jenelle took to her Instagram stories on Tuesday to clap back at Mackenzie after her rebuttal

In a series of four videos on her Instagram stories, Jenelle spoke to Mackenzie through her camera, tagging her IG handle in the post, and calling her out for her comments.

Jenelle’s backdrop for her videos included Mackenzie’s IG page and private DM’s between the two.

Jenelle began her rant to Mackenzie, “You know what’s funny is that you talk a lot of s**t about me, but then you follow me and you keep messaging me. I was super nice to you, gave you some promotional offers, and you even asked me to take down clickbait recently, and actually, it was on, uh, May 5.”

“And guess what? I stopped all clickbait for everyone. So you should be grateful the only thing I said was that maybe your husband shouldn’t be on drugs and that shouldn’t be aired on TV for young people to see. That’s all I’m sayin’. That’s it,” Jenelle continued.

“In my opinion, I feel like he’s being enabled and, um, by multiple people and family, and it seems like that’s how it’s always been, so, I don’t know. That’s my opinion on things. Don’t like it? Sorry. Maybe you should block me now,” said the 29-year-old former MTV star.

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Jenelle has made headlines recently for legal issues

Jenelle recently claimed that she would be willing to work for MTV again if the opportunity presented itself and the circumstances were right. She spoke out during her appearance on The Candace Owens Show, saying she would want to be more involved in the production side of filming.

The former MTV stars’ squabble comes on the heels of Jenelle filing in a lawsuit against reality tv blogger John Yates, who she claims falsely alleged she was “fired” from her GirlS**t podcast. Jenelle alleged that John’s false accusations have hindered her ability to secure work.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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