Jenelle Evans sues reality blogger John Yates for claims she was ‘fired’ from her podcast

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans is suing John Yates for claims he made about her being fired from her podcast. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is suing reality TV blogger John Yates for claiming she was fired from her podcast, GirlS**t.

She alleges in her defamation filing that “defendant Yates called [90 Day Fiance star] Deavan Clegg” — who was set to appear on the podcast with her — saying that Jenelle had been let go.

Deavan reportedly claimed that she pulled out appearing on the podcast with Jenelle because she didn’t know about the former reality star’s past, a claim later refuted by Jenelle.

Yates allegedly told Deavan that the podcast management team was made aware of this and that this led to her being fired.

Jenelle claimed Yates’ ‘false statement’ affected her business opportunities

Jenelle’s suit states that Yates’s alleged actions “affected Plaintiff Eason and her business opportunities because Defendant Yates made a false statement about Plaintiff’s business and prospective business.”

The lawsuit accuses Yates of going live on his YouTube channel and claiming both that Jenelle was fired from the podcast and that there were other personalities who didn’t want to work with her.

Yates allegedly also read a statement from Deavan, according to the complaint, “about not supporting anything related to Plaintiff Eason and her husband David Eason due to their past and she would not work with Plaintiff Eason.”

Jenelle took to her YouTube channel last month claiming that Deavan did in fact know about David‘s past, specifically the shooting of their family dog, Nugget, after previously claiming she didn’t know about the incident.

Jenelle also claimed that she has a contract proving she was a producer on the GirlS**t podcast, which she also previously denied she was fired from.

Jenelle is among several other plaintiffs in the lawsuit

Jenelle is one of several plaintiffs suing John Yates, along with four other defendants, in the class action lawsuit for a total in excess of $75,000.

Other plaintiffs include 90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton and lawyer Joseph C. Alamilla, an attorney for 90 Day Fiance star Jihoon Lee.

The suit was filed earlier this month, with the case designated as a “320,” meaning that it is labeled as an assault, libel and slander case.

Jenelle Evans and John Yates' lawsuit on Reddit
Pic credit: u/Mbluna/Reddit

Yates recorded a series of interviews with Deavan earlier this year when they spoke about what allegedly happened with the GirlS**t podcast and why Jenelle was no longer part of it.

In the lawsuit, also obtained by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, it’s reported that “On or about March 31, 2021, Defendant Yates posted a YouTube Live video that … talked about [Jenelle]’s dismissal from her new podcast.”

The court documents continued, “Defendant Yates stated that it was brought up to the management team and that was enough for [Jenelle] to be fired, which was untrue and affected [Jenelle] and her business opportunities because Defendant Yates made a false statement about Jenelle’s business and prospective business.”

John Yates and others reportedly received a cease and desist letters

Jenelle and the other plaintiffs are requesting the case go to a jury trial, and that the amount of damages, court costs and attorney fees be paid by the Defendants as determined during the hearings.

It’s also alleged that the defendants, including Yates, received cease and desist letters but ignored them.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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