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Teen Mom feud: Jenelle Evans responds to backlash for commenting on Ryan Edwards

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Edwards is not backing down on her comment about Ryan Edwards
Jenelle Evans responds to backlash after her comment about Ryan Edwards. Pic credit:MTV

Jenelle Evans is responding to backlash after her recent comments about fired Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards.

The mom-of-three recently spoke up in support of Ryan’s firing from the popular MTV show and cited his alleged drug uses as a good reason to remove him from the show.

Since making those comments Ryan’s wife Mackenzie has clapped back at Jenelle and now she’s getting some backlash from fans as well.

However, the former Teen Mom 2 star who was also fired by the network is not taking back her words. As a matter of fact, she’s doubling down on her remarks and explaining why she made the comment.

Jenelle Evans responds to backlash from Teen Mom 2 fans

Interestingly Jenelle and Ryan actually have quite a few things in common. Not only were they both axed from MTV, but they have also both struggled with issues related to drug use. In her own defense, Jenelle admitted that as the very reason why she can speak on what’s allegedly going on with Ryan.

However, it seems she’s been getting some backlash from fans due to her own drug-riddled past, which we’ve seen play out on past seasons of the show. But the reality TV star recently took to her Instagram story to explain why her situation is much different from Ryan’s.

“I have some of you messaging me saying,’you have no room to talk, you were on drugs on TV’ we know that!” shared Jenelle. “The difference between me [and] someone else is that I admitted it, I told everyone I was on drugs, I acknowledge the problem and I fixed it to become a better person.”

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Are Ryan and Mackenzie acknowledging the problem?

Not according to Jenelle, who continued to discuss the issue while recovering from some sort of flu-like illness which she recently shared with fans.

The former Teen Mom 2 star confessed to eventually acknowledging and taking steps to get help for her drug use, she doesn’t think that Ryan is doing the same.

Are they acknowledging the problem? No. Are they suggesting maybe he should go to rehab? I probably don’t think so,” remarked the 29-year-old in the video. “So yeah it sickens me when there’s outsiders that are [the] support system that don’t call them out on their bulls**t.”

“I also wanna point out that, looking back on everything, me being on drugs [having] it filmed and on TV I don’t approve of that, and it think it was too explicit for a young audience to watch,” admitted Jenelle.

Do you agree with Jenelle or should she have kept her opinions to herself?

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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