Survivor legend Boston Rob Mariano still popping up in Celebrity Big Brother rumors, but he might be busy

New Boston Rob Image
Boston Rob Mariano is a Survivor legend and a familiar face to reality competition shows. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor winner Boston Rob Mariano is no stranger to reality TV shows, so it’s not surprising that he has been mentioned as a possible cast member for Celebrity Big Brother 3.

The new season of Celebrity Big Brother gets started on February 2, with a brand new cast of celebrity houseguests playing the game during Winter 2022.

The CBBUS3 episode schedule is packed with content, but anyone who agrees to be on the show will be locked away from the rest of the world. That might not work for Boston Rob’s personal schedule.

A recent post that Boston Rob made on social media might suggest that he is going to be busy when the first week of Celebrity Big Brother 3 gets started, possibly ruling him out from being on the cast.

Boston Rob makes an intriguing Twitter post

An upcoming series of poker events are taking place from February 1 through February 6. A post on Twitter suggested that one user was going to see Boston Rob in California for the event and he responded with a note that reads “can’t wait.”

This certainly makes it seem like he is going to be busy playing poker when the season premiere of Celebrity Big Brother 3 is taking place, but it could also be a red herring to throw off his fans.

In another post for the poker event that is taking place in San Diego, Boston Rob’s picture was actually used in an advertisement. This seems like more evidence that Boston Rob just isn’t going to have the time or interest to appear on a season of Celebrity Big Brother this winter.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 to take over primetime for CBS

The Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother is going to be airing episodes many nights each week during its run. That means a lot of other CBS shows are going to be on hiatus during that time, with the Winter Olympics dominating a lot of television coverage.

There are a lot of rumors about who might be on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast, but we won’t know the official cast list until CBS has cleared everyone to play. That might not be until a few days before the February 2 season premiere.

Quite a few fake CBBUS3 cast lists have been popping up, and that even led Snopes to refute some of the people getting linked to Big Brother. It was an interesting development, but it also shows how much buzz has been created online for this new season.

It would certainly be fun to see someone make the jump from Survivor over to the Celebrity Big Brother house, even if it doesn’t end up being Boston Rob Mariano who decides to give it a try this winter. Stay tuned, because we will make sure to pass on the official CBBUS3 cast list as soon as we have it.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 and Survivor 42 arrives March 9 on CBS.

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