Celebrity Big Brother cast rumors refuted by Snopes

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Julie Chen Moonves is back to host some more Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother cast rumors have gotten so out of hand that Snopes even provided a ruling on the believability of one particular report.

A new season of the hit reality competition show will debut on February 2 on CBS, and Big Brother fans are definitely excited to see it get started.

Due to that excitement level, a number of fake cast lists have been getting posted online, with some of them quite believable in appearance.

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A new list from this week even led to political reporter Meredith McGraw writing about it.

Snopes calls Celebrity Big Brother rumors ‘unproven’

For anyone unfamiliar with Snopes, it is a website that seeks to investigate outlandish claims made on social media or the internet in general. The site shares the investigation it has done about a claim and whether or not they deem it credible or false.

“Hope Hicks, a political adviser who served during former U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration, was cast on ‘Celebrity Big Brother,'” is the claim that Snopes decided to address this time.

Snopes stated, “This claim is unfounded, and CBS has not announced the cast for the upcoming season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother.'”

Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast will arrive soon enough

The cast has been kept under wraps quite well, which should lead to some fun surprises for the fans when the producers and CBS finally release the names of everyone playing the game this winter.

Here is the full list of CBBUS3 episodes that will air during the Winter 2022 season, beginning with the February 2 season premiere. There are going to be a lot of new episodes airing in a very short span of time, so Big Brother fans are definitely going to get their fill of new content this winter.

Though the fake cast lists and the outlandish rumors that have been posted on social media about the new season can be distracting to fans, at least it is helping create buzz for the show. That should help the interest level and possibly draw some more eyes to the show once it gets up and running.

This is also the perfect time to use the Paramount+ application to stream the first two seasons that took place in the United States. Celebrity Big Brother ran a season in Winter 2018 and again in Winter 2019, but took some time off after that. Now, it returns with a brand new cast for the Winter 2022 season.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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