Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Reporter Meridith McGraw pokes holes in fake rumors, reveals who’s not playing

Julie Chen BB20 Image
Julie Chen Moonves will let Big Brother fans know who is playing on CBB3 very soon. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers about who is not playing the game this winter appear to have been revealed by National Political Correspondent at POLITICO, Meridith McGraw.

Any Big Brother fans who have been paying close attention to social media over the past week have seen the fake CBBUS3 cast lists popping up on new Twitter accounts.

Quite a few celebrity names have now been linked to the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother, which is something that tends to take place more often as new seasons get closer to starting.

And with the start of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 schedule coming up in two weeks, this has been a prime opportunity for those rumors to take Twitter by storm.

Reporter Meridith McGraw mocks fake Celebrity Big Brother cast rumors

“Was wondering why Hope Hicks was trending on Twitter…seems a fake account tweeted she and Sean Spicer among others were joining Celebrity Big Brother (they are not),” wrote Meredith McGraw on a Twitter post she made today.

McGraw’s post came after an earlier one that was made by Maggie Haberman. A White House correspondent for The New York Times and a political analyst for CNN, Haberman has a good grasp on the names from politics who have been linked to the Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother.

“Except I’m told it isn’t true, and the fact that it becomes half true by being tweeted over and over is also a capture in and of itself,” wrote Maggie Haberman when she saw rumors about Hope Hicks being on Celebrity Big Brother.

And if you don’t remember Hope Hicks, she was the White House Communications Director under President Donald Trump.

Reporters On BBCeleb
People from the world of politics commenting on Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Pic credit: @meridithmcgraw/Twitter

More information about the Celebrity Big Brother 3 season

The official Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast list has not yet been revealed, so everything seen online can be considered a rumor until CBS or the show’s producers start revealing names.

Due to the season taking place during a pandemic, even after everyone on the new BBCeleb cast gets sequestered, they will still have to go through some medical tests before they are locked inside a house with other celebrities for the winter.

Since the season premiere is still two weeks away, there is still a lot of time left until the producers have to start releasing the names. And the delays in revealing those names are just helping create even more buzz for the show, as the show keeps becoming a trending topic on social media as Big Brother fans debate which celebrities would be fun to watch playing the game.

What we know for sure is that Celebrity Big Brother 3 is taking over primetime for CBS during the month of February and that this will give television viewers a big alternative to the Winter Olympics on the NBC family of channels.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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