Summer House: Luke Gulbranson slams Paige DeSorbo for being a hypocrite, making him ‘miserable’

Paige DeSorbo and Luke Gulbranson on WWHL.
Luke Gulbranson slams Paige DeSorbo for being a hypocrite. Pic credit: Bravo

Paige DeSorbo’s love triangle has been a main focus of drama on the current season of Summer House and her costar Luke Gulbranson is finding it comical.

Fans will recall past seasons when Luke was labeled as a player and accused of leading on Paige’s friend and Summer House costar Hannah Berner.

Luke showed up in the Hamptons with Ciara Miller, with who he had a romantic past. Paige, Hannah, and others in the house convinced Ciara to take space from Luke as they all were disgusted at the way he was treating women.

The love triangle was the reason for several arguments in the house and even led to a blow-up between the men of the cast as Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke accused Luke of mistreating women.

Fast forward to Season 6 and Paige has found herself in a similar situation to Luke as she is dating Southern Charm’s Craig Conover while also flirting with her Winter House fling, Andrea Denver.

Luke had quite a few things to say about Paige and found her actions to be pretty hypocritical.

Luke Gulbranson slams Paige DeSorbo for making his life ‘miserable’, calls her a ‘walking contradiction’

Luke had a lot to say about Paige’s current love triangle and couldn’t believe the hypocrisy in what she was doing.

He spoke to Entertainment Tonight and said, “I think it’s a bit off that Paige labeled me a ‘f**k boy’ and made my life miserable for a while, but yet she literally is a walking contradiction right now, but whatever,”

As someone who has experience trying to balance multiple dating prospects, he weighed in on the various hook-ups and romantic situations happening in the house.

That includes Ciara’s new romance with Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll. The two of them had a quick fling while filming Winter House and that potentially caused issues with their costar Lindsay Hubbard who has a romantic history with Austen.

Luke explained, “And then with Lindsay, Ciara, and Austen, when it comes down to it — I mean, Lindsay and Austen have been friends and have had a romantic past and so on and so forth that I don’t think anybody’s obligated to anybody.”

He then had some words of wisdom in regard to the love triangles and shared that the entire situation was “probably a recipe for disaster.”

Paige DeSorbo is stunned by Craig Conover’s alleged hookup with Kristin Cavallari

While Luke clearly wasn’t happy that Paige was following in his footsteps after judging him so harshly for the last few seasons, she’s landed herself into quite the situation.

Not only was she trying to juggle Andrea and Craig, but her world was shattered when she found out Craig had allegedly hooked up with The Hills star Kristin Cavallari.

Kristin denied hooking up with Craig, which has led many to wonder whether Craig was dishonest about the entire thing.

Amanda Batula, Summer House star and best friend to Paige, made it clear that if Craig was in fact, lying about the hookup, then she’d want Paige to leave him immediately.

It’s unknown at this time if there’s any truth to the Craig and Kristin romance, but Paige and Craig are currently in a relationship despite the drama.

Fans can continue to watch their romance play out and keep up with all of the love triangle fiascos as Summer House Season 6 continues.

Summer House airs on Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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