Ciara Miller on Summer House: Here is everything we know about her

Ciara Miller on Summer House
Here’s everything we know about Ciara Miller Pic credit:@ciaramiller__/Instagram

Summer House returned for it’s fifth season and a new cast member joined in on the fun.

Ciara Miller was introduced to the cast as a friend of Luke Gulbranson’s. He said they had been spending a lot of time together during quarantine and he was excited to bring her to the Hamptons with him.

The cast, especially Luke’s old flame Hannah Berner, were curious as to whether or not Ciara and Luke were romantic, and their relationship wasn’t immediately clear.

The girls welcomed Ciara by doing several shots in the kitchen and Hannah said she got good vibes from her.

While Ciara and Luke’s relationship was a bit of a mystery, here is everything we know about the new Summer House roommate.

Ciara’s career

Ciara has an impressive career and worked hard throughout the pandemic.

She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and worked as a traveling ICU nurse throughout the pandemic. Her most recent travels brought her to Brooklyn, New York to help with patients who were gravely ill with COVID-19.

During an interview with Page Six, she opened up about the rewarding aspects of her job despite its challenges. She said the most rewarding part was “getting the opportunity to make a difference”.

She added, “It’s something that — even though you can be good at it one day, it’s like the next day you find yourself struggling. It’s really just trying to take your emotions out of the situation and realizing that, no, you can’t save everyone and we’re doing what we can. And honestly, medicine only goes so far. So, yeah, have a little faith sometimes.”

In addition to her work as an ICU nurse, Ciara is also a part-time model. According to Us Weekly, she has a contract with Link Models International.

Are Ciara and Luke together?

While Ciara confirmed with US Weekly that she is currently single, it looks like she and Luke did have a romantic past.

She explained, “I wouldn’t say it was dating. We were pretty good, like, just kind of going into the summer with zero expectations. Just wanting to have fun, meet new people, make new friends.”

The premiere episode ended with Luke texting both Ciara and Hannah to say he was looking forward to spending the summer with them.

The preview of what’s to come this season showed a love triangle between the three of them as Hannah learned Luke was talking to Ciara during the time the two of them were hooking up last summer.

At one point, Hannah was seen crying to Luke, upset about him potentially playing games with both her and Ciara.

It’s unclear what will happen between Ciara, Luke, and Hannah but it looks like Ciara’s presence is sure to add to the drama this season.

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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