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Are Hannah and Luke together on Summer House?

Hannah and Luke Summer House
Are Hannah and Luke dating outside of the Summer House? / Pic credit: @beingbernz

On Summer House, Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson have had a flirty relationship from the start. Even though Hannah had a fling at home at the beginning of this season, she still had the hots for Luke right away.

After weeks of flirting with Luke, Hannah found out that her guy at home was not serious about her. She decided to pursue Luke fully. They ended up kissing, finally.

Then, he dropped a bomb on her at a dinner with the entire group. He was seeing someone else, and it was getting more serious. Hannah told Luke she didn’t want to be in the middle of things.

However, in the most recent episode, it seemed like things were heating up between Hannah and Luke again. Which begs the question, are they together now?

Many fans hope they two are dating!

Hannah says things are complicated between her and Luke

Hannah recently admitted that things were “complicated.” She also revealed that they often re-hash things after the episodes air. This means they still talk regularly.

In mid-March, Hannah posted of photo of herself and Luke wearing face masks. In one photo, they are looking at the camera, and in the next, they are kissing with the masks on.

She captioned the photos, “We’re sick of each other.” However, Luke and Hannah have not posted any photos of each other since then.

Luke generally posts selfies, and Hannah posts funny quotes and memes.

Hannah also revealed that they “gravitate towards each other.” She also admitted that she is still figuring out if he is boyfriend material or if they should remain just friends.

The saga continues on Summer House

It seems, for now, the mystery has not yet been solved. Perhaps the relationship will unfold more on this season of Summer House. If so, they will likely reveal the truth about their relationship on social media.

In the meantime, Hannah has a podcast and wants to pursue a stand-up comedy career. Luke is a model and makes and sells his own jewelry. Both seem to have very busy lives outside of the Summer House!

Summer House has not yet been renewed for another season. Hopefully, it will be. I need more of the drama to get me through this quarantine.

Summer House airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.