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Summer House: Hannah Berner throws shade at Luke Gulbranson with post about a ‘toxic situationship’

Hannah Berner throws shade at Luke Gulbranson on social media
Hannah Berner throws shade at Luke Gulbranson on social media Pic credit: Bravo

Season five of Summer House premiered a few weeks ago as the cast took on filming while quarantined together in the Hamptons for six weeks during the summer.

With the cast working and living together every day, it didn’t take long for the drama to begin.

Last season, Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson had a flirtatious relationship in which the two of them spent a lot of time together and hooked up. Despite sleeping in each other’s beds on several occasions, Hannah and Luke said they never went as far as having sex.

It was clear from the most recent episode that Hannah took their relationship much more seriously than Luke as she became upset when he brought newcomer Ciara Miller along for the summer.

Ciara revealed that she and Luke hooked up in the past, and during a conversation with Hannah, the girls found out he had been texting and flirting with both of them.

Hannah decided to call Luke out for putting them all in an awkward love triangle, and she accused Luke of rubbing Ciara in her face. Luke defended his actions and insisted that he never dated Hannah, even though she claimed they were in a relationship for several months.

Now, following a tear-filled episode, it looks like Hannah is throwing some shade Luke’s way on social media.

Hannah throws shade at Luke on Instagram

It’s no secret Hannah felt extremely hurt by what Luke said and how he treated her. Earlier today, she took to Instagram to share some advice with her followers about what she referred to as a “toxic situationship.”

Hannah posted a photo that said, “Yea sex is cool but have you ever gotten out of a toxic situationship?”.

Hannah captioned the post with some advice for her followers about “dealing with love bombing, gas lighting, lying, and narcissism.”

She told followers, “This happens at an alarming rate to women who are strong, smart, and talented. It’s not your fault and it is extremely difficult to get out of.”

The post appeared to be a jab at Luke and the situation they found themselves in. Hannah made it pretty clear in the most recent episode that she felt he led her on and took advantage of the feelings she had for him.

Fans react to Hannah’s post

Many fans commented on Hannah’s post as several of them empathized with her and had been in similar situations in the past.

One fan worked as a therapist and applauded how Hannah handled herself on the episode and appreciated her bringing more awareness to these situations.

A fan who works as a therapist applauded Hannah for the way she handled herself
A fan who works as a therapist applauded Hannah for the way she handled herself Pic credit: @karrybgrady/Instagram

While Hannah received an outpouring of support from many fans, some questioned her emotional reaction to Luke. Hannah is currently in a relationship with comedian Des Bishop and said in the past they had been together since the summer.

Some fans questioned whether Hannah was already dating Des before filming the new Summer House season.

One fan, who was seemingly confused about Hannah’s emotions for Luke, called her out on her relationship with Des and said, “….but you were dating des before going in to the house. You said it on CHD, the #1 podcast in the nation.”

Hannah replied to the comment and said, “I met him 2 weeks before going to the house. You get to see him soon.”

A fan questions the start of Hannah's relationship with Des Bishop
A fan questions the start of Hannah’s relationship with Des Bishop Pic credit: @nelsonkm30/Instagram
Hannah clears the air about when she started dating Des Bishop
Hannah clears the air about when she started dating Des Bishop Pic credit:@beingbernz/Instagram

Previews of next week’s episode show that the drama with this love triangle is far from over, as Luke made it clear he would like to see where things go with Ciara.

Luke may have his work cut out for him as he will most likely have to do some damage control after the way Hannah portrayed their previous situation.

Luke has yet to comment on Hannah’s social media shade.

Fans can tune in to the next episode of Summer House to see if Luke can smooth things over with Hannah to have a chance at a possible relationship with Ciara.

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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