Summer House: Hannah upset to learn that Luke spent quarantine with Ciara

Hannah and Luke Summer House looking happy
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Summer House has returned to Bravo for Season 5 and along with it are Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson.

Except that this time around, there is tension between the two because of a secret Luke kept from her that is now coming to light.

This season of Summer House is a bit unlike those that we’ve seen before due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the need for everyone to quarantine in an effort to stay safe.

Luke and Hannah quarantined away from each but he wasn’t alone and despite staying in communication with Hannah, he failed to tell her about his circumstances and what that meant for them.

Does Luke have a “special friend?”

Ciarra Miller holding a puppy-Summer House
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Hannah is devastated and extremely hurt to learn that Luke was not in quarantine alone. Instead, he was in quarantine with a “friend”. If there is anything that reality television has taught us, it is that “friend” is usually an innuendo for something much more.

Luke and this new cast member Ciara arrived together much to Hannah’s disappointment.

Hannah has been doing everything within her power to try and make Luke think she is not jealous. She said that she spoke with Luke almost every single day and he never mentioned a girlfriend.

Ciara is not only a model but also a nurse. She was one of the front line essential workers during the Covid-19.  We couldn’t help but take a peek at her Instagram account. Not only is it apparent that she is a model, but also a good person.

Paige summed it up perfectly when she said “Ciara literally is [if] Naomi Campbell and Mother Teresa had a baby. You can’t compete with that.”

What makes this season of Summer House totally unique?

This particular season “mixes business with pleasure while bringing the cast back together to film amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Each cast member was individually tested for COVID-19. Once they got the clear, they were allowed to proceed to the new Summer House.

Summer House takes an entirely new spin on things as everyone is quarantined together. They will not be going home at all and instead, they will all be working remotely from the beautiful house in The Hamptons.

Things have always been up and down with Luke and Hannah. This season the drama continues. Hannah and Luke have never defined their relationship. It was never made official in any, way shape, or form.

Hannah would always flirt with Luke; making it obvious to everyone else that she really liked him. During this new season, a new cast member is added to the mix.

Now, it looks like their undefined relationship may have come back to bite Hannah, as she’s clearly interested with Luke and he is enjoying the attention of both women.

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9.8c on Bravo.

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