Marrying Millions: Who has the highest net worth?

When you are watching a reality show like Marrying Millions, with tons of wealthy people, it may be hard to put the amount of money that they have into perspective. The average person can only dream about the lavish lifestyles of the millionaires. Who has the highest net worth on Marrying Millions? According to Cheatsheet,


Summer House: Carl Radke opens up about brother’s death

Once someone signs up to be a reality star, their family and their personal lives are often exposed. Now that Summer House is back for Season 5 on Bravo, naturally, viewers have had questions about Carl Radke’s brother Curtis, who died in August 2020. While the Bravo series was on hiatus, news broke that Cark’s


Summer House: Hannah upset to learn that Luke spent quarantine with Ciara

Summer House has returned to Bravo for Season 5 and along with it are Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson. Except that this time around, there is tension between the two because of a secret Luke kept from her that is now coming to light. This season of Summer House is a bit unlike those that


1000-lb Sisters: Who is Tammy’s boyfriend Jerry?

1000-lb Sisters has become a fan favorite to viewers all over the world. The TLC hit show stars two sisters, Tammy and Amy Slaton. So far 1000-lb Sisters are on their second season and one of the biggest questions is “Who is Tammy’s new boyfriend Jerry?” Tammy Slaton met Jerry Sykes, on a group chat