1000-lb Sisters: Who is Tammy’s boyfriend Jerry?

1000-LB Sisters Tammys new boyfriend Jerry.
Tammy’s boyfriend Jerry from 1000-LB Sisters.Pic credit: TLC

1000-lb Sisters has become a fan favorite to viewers all over the world. The TLC hit show stars two sisters, Tammy and Amy Slaton.

So far 1000-lb Sisters are on their second season and one of the biggest questions is “Who is Tammy’s new boyfriend Jerry?”

Tammy Slaton met Jerry Sykes, on a group chat for BBWs. This stands for “beautiful big women.” This made Tammy’s sister Amy question if he would support her weight loss or if his influence would make it harder for her sister to lose weight.

What we know about Jerry Sykes

Jerry Sykes is someone that Tammy Slaton has been talking about for a few years now. After meeting Jerry online, the two talked for quite some time. But now, he has appeared on 1000-lb Sisters and viewers are getting their chance to get to know him.

Tammy’s long-distance boyfriend lives in North Carolina and it’s about an 8-hour drive from his house to where the Slaton sisters live in Kentucky.

When Jerry first made his way to Kentucky to see Tammy, Jerry pulled out a bag of candy and offered it to them. Amy was not happy at all, and even asked if it was sugar-free.

She explained that Tammy is not allowed any candy as she is on a diet. Jerry did not realize that pulling out a bag of candy was a big deal.

One thing that we do know for sure about Jerry is that he is a “candy addict.” A self-confessed one too. He says, “I just have to have it. I love candy. I am sorry.”

Due to his thin physique and fast metabolism, his body is the total opposite of Tammy’s. This has been a cause for great concern for Tammy’s family. They are skeptical that he will be a positive influence on her health journey.

When Amy was grilling Jerry, she asked him how many kids he had. To her surprise, he actually had to count and said that he had “six kids.”

Amy is currently pregnant after having her bypass surgery. She replied, “I’m scared to push out this one.” It seemed evident that she was looking out for her sister and saw the number of kids Jerry has to be a red flag.

The surprise was real considering he is only 45 years old. He was then asked how many grandkids he has? Once again, he had to sit there counting until he came up with the conclusion that he has five grandkids in total.

Amy Slaton is not a fan of Jerry Sykes

While Tammy is happy to be in a relationshop with Jerry, her sister Amy is not nearly as excited about it.

She has made it clear that she doesn’t trust Jerry or his intentions with her sister. She also worries that Jerry’s influence is going to derail Tammy’s efforts to lose weight.

And we all know that Tammy’s weight situation is dire, even causing her to lose her weight loss doctor, who fired Tammy as a patient after telling her that her chances of dying in the next five years are 80 percent if she doesn’t get on board and lose weight.

Will Jerry and Tammy’s relationship last?

This is the big question that we are dying to find out. Not only have there been a ton of red flags, but Jerry is not even able to pysically push Tammy around. Amy’s husband Michael has to do this.

Amy expressed her concern, saying that they will not be able to go on dates, because he is unable to push her wheelchair around.

There is also the issue of Jerry’s wife. That’s right, when Tammy met her man online, he was married to another woman. And it wasn’t a secret to her either.

After 1000-lb Sisters viewers found out that Jerry was married, she was even called out on it. But after critics called her a homewrecker, Tammy came out swinging, letting her haters know that she was aware of Jerry’s marriage but that she also knew that he wasn’t happy in it.

1000-lb Sisters airs Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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3 years ago

I love this show!!! I had gastric bypass surgery myself and I also have a food addiction, so I can relate to the sisters. I want only the best for them. I feel like I know them so well and I would love to hang out with them!!