1000-lb Sisters Season 2: Here’s when to tune in and what to expect when Amy and Tammy Slaton return to TLC

tammy and amy from 1000lb Sisters
Amy and Tammy Slaton return with another season of 1000-lb Sisters. Here’s when to tune in and what to expect. Pic credit: TLC

Amy and Tammy Slaton made their mainstream reality television debut with the first season of 1000-lb Sisters and it’s now been announced that they’ll be back for a second season in early 2021.

The TLC reality show introduced the two Kentucky based sisters as they navigated life and attempted to qualify for life-changing bariatric weight loss surgery.

By the end of the first season, Amy, 33, had qualified for the surgery. Tammy, however, struggled greatly to remain on track with her weight loss goals and was not approved.

Amy qualified for bariatric surgery before Tammy

At the beginning of the first season, Amy had a starting weight of 406-lbs, and Tammy had a starting weight of 608-lbs.

After the sisters decided they wanted to qualify for bariatric surgery, they started their journey.

The journey included a complete overhaul of their current lifestyle. They needed to increase their movement and change their diet.

It didn’t take long to see that this was an easier transition for Amy than it was for Tammy. Because of her size, Tammy had become too dependent on Amy to take care of her needs.

During a consultation with their surgeon, Tammy explained that she wasn’t making progress because Amy wasn’t being helpful enough and kept getting frustrated with her when she asked Amy to help her with simple tasks.

The surgeon explained that it was time for Tammy to be responsible for her own health.

By the end of the first season, Amy had made many changes to her life. She got married, followed through with the surgery, and managed to lose 100-lbs.

Although Tammy had a tough time qualifying for bariatric surgery, she continued to press on and made some encouraging changes of her own. She moved out of the home she shared with Amy (into the house next door) with her new husband and managed to lose almost 50 pounds.

This change put her within 10 pounds of reaching the goal which would qualify her for surgery.

Season 2 brings even more changes for the Slaton sisters

Season 2 will see the return of Amy and Tammy as they continue to navigate new waters.

Just a few short months after her bariatric surgery, Amy reveals that she’s pregnant. And while this may seem like great news since she made it clear that she’s always wanted to be a mother, this pregnancy comes at a dangerous time for her.

In a clip for the upcoming season, Amy explains that her surgeon told her to wait at least two years before attempting to get pregnant, so the news that she’s pregnant mere months after her surgery is a huge hurdle that they’ll have to climb.

As for Tammy, her weight continues to fluctuate, and with the news that Amy is expecting a baby, both sisters worry about if Amy will be able to continue helping Tammy with her daily needs.

Amy and Tammy’s brother, Chris, steps in and agrees to get healthy for himself in order to help Tammy stay on track and hold her accountable.

In addition to their familial drama, Tammy’s boyfriend, Jerry, also makes an appearance. He loves Tammy and is known to have a thing for bigger women. This fact leaves Amy concerned that he’s not going to be a good influence on Tammy’s weight loss journey.

1000-lb Sisters joins My 600-lb Life in the return to TLC, giving us even more weight loss stories to tune in and watch. TLC viewers will also be getting a new season of Unpolished.

1000-lb Sisters returns to TLC on January 4, 2021, at 10/9c.

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