1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton’s ‘freaky’ baby registry reveals gender and due date

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton
1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is excited for her first baby. Pic credit: TLC

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is pregnant with her first baby and she couldn’t be more excited about it. But it doesn’t look like everyone in the family shares the same excitement.

Apparently, Amy’s family is worried that her unborn child will be an excuse for her to return to her bad eating habits, reversing the effect of her bariatric weight loss surgery.

But there’s no stopping 1000-lb Sisters celeb Amy from enjoying her pregnancy. Just recently, her supposed baby registry surfaced online, revealing some intriguing information about her first child.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton expecting baby no. 1

Amy Slaton’s lifelong dream of becoming a mother just became a reality. On an episode of 1000-lb Sisters, the reality star revealed she’s expecting her first child with Michael Halterman. The couple was over the moon upon hearing the good news after a visit to the ER.

Amy went to the doctor due to bowel problems and was advised to take a pregnancy test as a precautionary measure before doing an x-ray. Much to everyone’s surprise, the test came back positive, confirming that she’s pregnant.

Amy Slaton immediately called her sister Tammy and shared the happy news. But the 1000-lb Sisters cast member doesn’t seem thrilled, much to Amy’s dismay. Tammy sounded disappointed and concerned that her sibling got pregnant four months after her risky weight loss surgery.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Michael Halterman
1000-lb Sisters stars Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman are expecting their first child. Pic credit: TLC

Amy’s family worried about her pregnancy weight gain

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton’s family and her surgeon have expressed concern about her unexpected pregnancy. Apparently, they are were worried that getting pregnant less than two years after her bariatric weight loss surgery could result in weight gain.

And it seems their concerns are valid after all. During an episode of 1000-lb Sisters, Amy’s siblings,  Tammy and Chris, confronted her about falling off her diet ever since she got pregnant. The two felt like Amy is using the baby to eat what she wants.

But in her defense, Amy Slaton said she’s only trying to enjoy her baby. The 1000-lb Sisters star pointed out that she’s always wanted to have a child. She added that the reason why she got the surgery in the first place was so she could carry a baby.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton
1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton’s baby registry surfaced online. Pic credit: Amy Halterman/Amazon

1000-lb Sisters: Amy’s rumored baby registry reveals gender and due date

Amid all the drama surrounding her pregnancy, Amy Slaton’s rumored Amazon baby registry surfaced online. The 1000-lb Sisters celeb supposedly made the list under the name Amy Halterman.

Amy’s baby registry definitely piqued the curiosity of fans. Most of the items she listed were freaky and somewhat too morbid for a baby. These include clothes inspired by Chucky doll, Hocus Pocus, Nightmare before Christmas, and Stephen King.

Other items include storybooks, educational toys, and a baby handprint kit. According to Amy’s registry, her due date was January 7, 2021. The list also suggests she’s expecting a baby boy. If this is true, then it’s likely that the 1000-lb Sisters celeb already welcomed her baby by now. However, Amy and her husband Michael have yet to confirm the arrival of their child.

1000-lb Sisters airs Mondays on TLC.

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