Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown graduates high school, dad Kody makes rare appearance

Kody and Ysabel Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown made a rare appearance on social media for his daughter Ysabel’s graduation. Pic credit: TLC

Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Ysabel graduated from high school and she shared a rare photo of her dad.

The 17-year-old shared a series of pics on her Instagram stories and posts, along with the caption, “GOODBYE!!! no more high school drama :) now we will begin college drama[.]”

In her first pic, Ysabel stood outside Flagstaff High School holding her cap, on which she wrote, “Here we go,” with one leg lifted, wearing her gown and tassels over a white sundress.

Her next pic was of her hugging her mom, Christine Brown, who wore a striped dress and black strappy heels. The pic was taken outside, with both ladies smiling big as the wind blew Christine’s hair in front of her face.

Kody Brown made a rare appearance in one of Ysabel’s pics

A third pic showed Ysabel sandwiched between her parents, Kody and Christine, in a rare appearance for her dad on social media. Kody stood on his tiptoes, wearing a light blue and white checkered long-sleeved button-down shirt, navy blue pants, and brown leather shoes.

The next slide was a pic of Ysabel with a group of her friends outside the high school, and two more slides showed Ysabel with friends on the football field where chairs were set up for guests.

Second mom Janelle and sister Maddie also congratulated Ysabel

Ysabel’s other mom, Janelle, was sure to congratulate the teenager on her graduation. She shared the pic of Kody and Christine with their arms around Ysabel and added the text, “Our newest High School grad! Congrats Ysabel”

Janelle and Kody’s daughter, Madison, Ysabel’s older sister, also shared a pic to her Instagram stories of Ysabel holding her cap and she added the caption “So proud of you!!”

Kody, Christine, Ysabel, Janelle and Madison Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
Janelle and her daughter Madison congratulated Ysabel on IG. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram and @madison_rose11/Instagram

It’s rare that Kody makes appearances in pics on social media, and especially since he’s stayed out of the spotlight since this season of Sister Wives ended.

Some might be surprised that Kody was at Ysabel’s graduation after this season’s events

During this season’s finale episode, Kody caught a ton of flak for suggesting Ysabel travel solo for her scoliosis surgery. Rather than accompanying his daughter on a flight from Arizona to New Jersey for major back surgery, Kody chose to stay home to reduce the potential risk of spreading COVID-19 within his family.

Kody may have sensed that his actions wouldn’t be well received, and he skipped his family’s live tweets during the finale for the first time last season.

Ysabel and her mom Christine have been enjoying life and share a close bond

Ysabel was seen vacationing earlier this year with her mom and siblings, with Kody nowhere in sight, further sparking rumors that Christine and Kody were calling it quits after struggling with a “rough” relationship.

Last week, Christine shared a fun pic of Ysabel, her look-alike daughter, recreating an outfit that she wore from over 30 years ago. Last month, Ysabel paid homage to her mom in a sweet Mother’s Day post.

Ysabel said to her mom in the post, “happy mother’s day to all the amazing and beautiful women who have raised a person from the ground up. to my beautiful momma- thanks for being the most amazing role model, if i grow up to be even half the woman you are- id be more than blessed.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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