Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown recreates mom Christine Brown’s outfit from three decades ago

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown’s daughter Ysabel emulated an outfit she wore over 30 years ago Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown of Sister Wives shared a picture of her daughter, Ysabel, who recreated an outfit that Christine wore over 30 years ago.

The Sister Wives star shared the pic of Ysabel, along with the original outfit she wore herself when she was 15 years old.

Ysabel was a dead ringer for her mom

In the first pic, Ysabel stood by Christine’s front door, modeling a short-sleeved, yellow button-down top which was partly unbuttoned, with a white tank underneath.

Ysabel also sported a fire engine red mini skirt, yellow socks, beige velcro tennis shoes, and her long hair was pulled up in a bun.

In the second slide, Christine shared a pic of her original outfit, which was nearly identical to Ysabel’s.

A young Christine wore a longer sleeved, yellow button-down top, a short red skirt, red socks, and white shoes. Her hair was also pulled up and to the side as she posed with a friend outside.

Christine captioned her post, “I was flattered beyond words with @ysabelpaigebrown‘s homage to my 15 year old fashion sense in her outfit this morning!”

Fans have often commented on how much Christine’s daughter Ysabel resembles her. Ysabel, 17, is Christine and Kody’s fifth child in the birth order of six total children.

Christine and Kody also share daughters Aspyn and Mykelti, son Paedon, and daughters Gwendlyn and Truely.

Ysabel’s surgery was a big topic in this season’s finale

Ysabel became a topic of discussion this season on Sister Wives when her scoliosis surgery was a major focus of the finale episode.

In the scene, Christine called Kody to her house to discuss Ysabel’s impending back surgery. Ysabel was scheduled to fly out from Arizona to New Jersey for her operation.

But Kody didn’t want to fly with his daughter and even suggested that she fly solo to avoid spreading COVID-19, causing Ysabel to walk away crying, and sending fans into an outrage.

Christine’s major storyline this season was wanting to move back to Utah

The Brown family has plenty of ties to the state of Utah. When audiences first met the Brown family on Sister Wives, they were all living under one roof in Utah.

They’ve since moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and then to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they currently reside.

Christine and Kody’s daughter, Mykelti, and her husband, Tony, live in Utah with their daughter, Avalon, who is the Browns’ third grandchild.

Kody and Meri’s daughter, Mariah, and her fiancé, Audrey, both live in Utah as well. And Meri’s bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, is also located in the state.

Christine’s sister-wife, Janelle, will be moving again soon since her rental home was listed for a sale and now has a purchase offer on it. The family purchased their property at Coyote Pass, but have yet to break ground.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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