Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s rental has a buyer — Is she ready to build on Coyote Pass?

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown’s home has a buyer already, so where will Kody’s third wife live now? Pic credit: TLC

It looks like Janelle Brown of Sister Wives has some decisions to make now that her rental home in Flagstaff has a buyer’s offer on it, meaning she needs to find a new place to live, and quickly.

Janelle has been living in the same rental home in Flagstaff since 2018, but the owner recently listed the property for sale.

The home has a prospective buyer and a pending offer, just days after the listing went public.

Now that Janelle’s home is under contract, where will she move next?

Janelle’s ranch home was listed for $699,000 on May 22, boasting five bedrooms, plenty of land, and a greenhouse.

Kody’s third wife shares her home with three of their six kids, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah, who all still live at home. Logan, Madison and Hunter live independently.

Janelle and her husband Kody Brown, along with her sister wives Meri, Christine and Robyn, purchased their property at Coyote Pass for $820,000 in 2018.

The Browns have yet to build on their property, despite the hefty monthly payments they carry on two mortgages and two monthly rental payments. Robyn and Christine both own their homes in Flagstaff, while Janelle and Meri rent theirs.

Janelle recently shared video of Coyote Pass

Last week, Janelle shared a panoramic video of the family’s property at Coyote Pass, telling her followers, “I never get tired of the view ??”

Fans noticed that the property was still barren, with no signs of construction anywhere to be seen. Kody’s dream was to build one, large family home on the property where he, his four wives, and all of their children would live.

Christine has been staunchly against living in one home with the rest of the wives, putting Kody’s dream of one big house on the back burner, and possibly forever.

This season on the show, Kody revealed to his wives that although Christine’s home in Las Vegas finally sold, they weren’t in the financial position to begin building yet on their land.

Kody’s plans include building on Coyote Pass as well as adding rental income

Kody revealed his plans for the property back in March when he stated that he wanted to use part of the property at Coyote Pass as rental property, as they “need the rental income.”

Their property currently consists of four lots, but Kody’s plan would entail making it into seven total, three of which would be rental units. Besides Coyote Pass, Robyn and Christine’s homes are the only assets the family owns, according to the Brown family patriarch.

Is moving back to Utah an option?

Christine was the only of Kody’s four wives to push to move out of Arizona and back to Utah. She shared the idea with her daughters, first, who weren’t on board with her suggestion at all.

When Christine brought up the idea to Kody and her sister wives, things went so badly that she ended up storming off, in the infamous scene where she claimed she “couldn’t do marriage” anymore with Kody.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Interestingly, Meri Brown shared contact information for a realtor in Utah on her Instagram stories this morning. Along with their handle and logo, Meri wrote, “Just in case you need a realtor in Utah….Amber is kind of the best!!”

Meri announced that she has reopened her B&B and is taking over as the innkeeper in her mom’s absence. With Janelle needing to find a new home for her family soon, perhaps Meri could offer her spacious rental in the meantime.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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