Sister Wives: Did Christine Brown move back to Utah?

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
After her proposal to the family was shot down, did Christine move to Utah without them? Pic credit: TLC

During the season finale of Sister Wives, Christine Brown proposed moving back to Utah to the other spouses, but the conversation ended with her walking away in tears.

So now, fans are wondering if Kody’s third wife left the others behind and followed her heart to Utah.

The plural spouses visited their friends, The Dargers, who live in Utah, in an earlier episode this season and the five of them enjoyed their trip, but were reminded how tough it is to be away from other polygamist families.

During the episode, Christine said, “It’s almost like we should move back or something, I don’t know,” reiterating her desire to move back to Utah.

Christine has mentioned how a sense of community is important to polygamous families. Being around like-minded families helps them keep their sense of identity and remember the purpose of choosing plural marriage.

She voiced in the finale that it would be lonely one day, the four wives living separately on Coyote Pass, as the only polygamists in town.

Christine isn’t the only adult in the family with strong ties to Utah. Meri and Kody’s only biological child, Mariah, recently moved back to Utah with her fiance. And Robyn’s parents and the rest of her family are still in Utah.

When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, the family was living in Lehi, Utah, sharing one home

The Browns lived happily in Utah but decided to uproot to Las Vegas when the state launched an investigation into the family for their then-felonious lifestyle. Polygamy laws have since changed, lessening the charges for polygamists.

When Christine went into the family discussion about moving back to Utah, she was optimistic, thinking that she had Kody’s full support.

She told cameras about her talk with Kody, “It went great, I thought. And in the end, yeah, I felt really, really hopeful, so I’m looking forward to going into this conversation with everybody, um, knowing that I’ve got some support from Kody.”

Did Kody set up Christine by pretending to support her idea to move?

But it turned out that Kody pulled the rug out from under Christine when it came time to propose her idea to the other three wives and she lost her composure and told her sister wife, Meri, that she didn’t want to “do marriage with Kody anymore.”

Christine later admitted that she wanted something more than what she has with Kody in their marriage.

“I agreed to move to Flagstaff, and I followed Kody here, but it’s been a struggle the whole time,” Christine told cameras during her solo confessional. “I’m tired of feeling like I don’t matter, I’m tired of not having his support when I really need it. I’m just tired. I need a partnership. I need something different than this.”

Christine’s posts on Instagram seem to confirm that she’s still living in Flagstaff

Christine’s posts on Instagram indicate that the Sister Wives star hasn’t left Flagstaff. Although she’s shared plenty of posts lately of herself in Utah, she was simply visiting her daughter, Mykelti, and her new granddaughter, Avalon, who live in St. George.

Just last month, Christine shared a pic on Instagram of a snow-covered driveway at her Flagstaff home. Her husband, Kody, commented on the post, saying, “I just spent the whole morning on Saturday shoveling that ! Aaaarrrgh!?”

In February, Christine shared another shot from outside her $520k Flagstaff home, showcasing the gorgeous mountain views in the background.

Christine’s three eldest children, Aspyn, Mykelti and Paedon, all live in Utah. Her three youngest daughters, Gwendlyn, Ysabel and Truely still live at home with her in Arizona.

Though it appears that Christine has decided to stay in Flagstaff, there’s no telling what the future holds.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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