Sister Wives: The Browns celebrate the decriminalization of polygamy

The Brown Family of Sister Wives
The Brown Family of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown and his four wives finally have something positive to celebrate in an upcoming episode of Sister Wives.

In a clip of this week’s upcoming episode, Kody is seen sitting at the table with his fourth wife Robyn and three of her kids, Dayton, Breanna and Aurora.

Robyn told the kids that the strict anti-polygamy laws in Utah had been lifted, reducing the crime from a felony to an infraction.

‘We have some really fun, exciting news to tell the kids today.’

Robyn and Kody joined each other on the confessional couch to talk about it. Kody chimed in, “This is news we’ve hoped to actually give our kids for 10 years or more.”

Back at the table, Robyn explained to the kids that the governor of Utah signed a new law that reduced the penalty for plural marriage, basically decriminalizing polygamy.

Robyn’s kids looked excited and daughter Aurora said, “That’s awesome!”

‘For 150 years, we’ve been felons.’

Janelle took her turn on the confessional couch and told cameras, “We’re like no longer felons for our, living our, religion.” Janelle continued to give a short history lesson about Mormon pioneers settling in Salt Lake City, Utah over 150 years ago.

They practiced polygamy as part of their religion, but in order to form a statehood about four decades later, they had to outlaw plural marriage, and “it’s been illegal ever since.” Janelle said it felt “surreal” because they’ve been considered felons for about the last 150 years.

Meri weighed in for her turn on the confessional couch, voicing that allowing plural marriage is “basic human rights, civil rights.” She continued by saying that she doesn’t think it’s hurting anyone else for Kody to share a bedroom with another adult woman.

Kody chimed in at the table, explaining that a senator submitted a bill and that the change in law will “open up the societies” where families practice plural marriage.

The Browns fled Utah in 2011 because of the former anti-polygamy laws

Fans might remember that the reason the Brown family fled Utah in the first season of their show was because they were under investigation for polygamy. They feared they would be prosecuted so they quickly moved to Las Vegas in a state of exile.

Polygamy is defined as the practice of having more than one spouse. Kody Brown has four spouses, all of whom are consenting adults.

A main reason for the strict anti-polygamy laws were religious sects that engaged in underage marriage and abuse of minors. Often, these religious offshoots forced young girls to marry men unwilfully and birth many of their children.

Kody and his wives practice ‘the principle’ in the name of religion

Kody Brown and his wives abide by Mormon principles and practice under a fundamentalist Mormon sect called the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB). In their religion, they refer to plural marriage as living the principle.

The Browns’ family friends, The Dargers were instrumental in the law change. The family resides in Utah, and the Browns visited them recently to talk about their shared lifestyle of plural marriage.

Fans of the show may now wonder if the family will be moving back to Utah where they wouldn’t have to worry about being labeled as felons or being charged with a serious crime.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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