The Browns’ friend Val Darger celebrates one year anniversary of decriminalization of polygamy in Utah

The Dargers on TLC
The Dargers: Joe, Alina, Val, and Vicki. Pic credit: TLC

Close friends of the famous polygamists the Browns, the Dargers have caught a lot of media attention lately.

The Darger family consists of patriarch Joe and his three wives, Alina, Val, and Vicki Darger.

The Orthodox Mormons were instrumental in changing their home state, Utah’s laws against polygamy in 2020.

Joe Darger’s third wife, Vicki shared a photo via her Instagram account, from the Utah State Capitol one year ago.

In the pic, she stands with sister wives Alina and Val, husband Joe, and several others.

We are no longer felons

The caption read, “This at the Utah State Capitol one year ago when Polygamy was decriminilized [sic] ! Yes folks, we are no longer felons…and it feels good. There is still much work to be done but this was a giant step in the right direction!”

Last year, for the first time in 85 years, a bill passed the legislature, removing the felony charges for being a polygamist. The new law would make the infraction similar to getting a parking ticket, apart from any force, threats, or abuse.

Val and Vicki Darger are identical twins who are cousins with Alina, Joe’s other wife

Cousins Vicki and Alina married Joe when they were just 18, on the same day, after he proposed to them simultaneously.

Third wife, Val, entered the family after Joe had been married to Vicki and Alina for ten years. Val had ended her marriage in another plural family, and when visiting her sister Vicki, hit it off with Joe.

Between the four spouses, The Dargers share a total of 25 children (five are Val’s children from her previous marriage) and 17 grandchildren.

The husband and his three wives live under one roof and share a central kitchen, but each wife has their own bedroom, which Joe alternates visiting on a nightly rotation.

The Dargers have been featured in several Sister Wives episodes, as they are longtime friends of the fellow polygamists.

Joe and his wives first went public when they published their book, Love Times Three, after hiding their lifestyle for nearly two decades for fear of being persecuted.

The family is active on social media and recently joined the Browns on Twitter to live Tweet during the Sister Wives episodes on Sundays.

The Dargers are active on social media with a Facebook page, shared Twitter account, and individual as well as shared Instagram accounts.

As the family gains popularity, fans can tune into Sister Wives and follow along to see if they return to live Tweet together with the Browns.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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