Sister Wives’ Ysabel Brown shares touching tribute to mom Christine for Mother’s Day

Ysabel and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown’s daughter, Ysabel, shared a sweet tribute to her in a Mother’s Day post. Pic credit: TLC

Ysabel Brown of Sister Wives shared a sweet post in honor of her mom, Christine Brown, over Mother’s Day weekend.

Ysabel, who is fourth in the birth order of Christine and Kody Brown’s kids, praised her mom and also paid tribute to her other moms, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn.

In the post, the 17-year-old included two pics of herself with her mom, Christine. In the first picture, the two stood with their arms around each other, and in the second picture, Ysabel sweetly kissed her mom’s forehead as the two hugged.

Judging from Ysabel’s other posts, it appeared she was getting ready for a school dance, and was in a blue satin dress, and appeared to be at an outdoor eatery.

Ysabel captioned her post, “happy mother’s day to all the amazing and beautiful women who have raised a person from the ground up. to my beautiful momma- thanks for being the most amazing role model, if i grow up to be even half the woman you are- id be more than blessed.”

Ysabel also thanked her ‘other momma’s’

“to my amazing other momma’s who helped raise me and made me into the woman i am now. you four are the most amazing women and i’m proud to call you all my mom!! to my two sisters who are the best mothers- thank you for birthing beautiful babies and letting me have the honor to witness it!”

“i couldn’t be more proud of the women you’ve become! to the women who took this photo and others that day- thank you for letting me be in your lives. knowing all of you has been a blast! love you to mama becky who raised my favorite person- i love you with my whole being and you are one of the strongest people i’ve ever met.”

Ysabel praised Christine Brown last month for her birthday

Ysabel also showed her gratitude for her mom recently when she posted a birthday tribute to Christine for her birthday last month.

Included with two pics she shared of herself with her mom, Ysabel wrote, “happy birthday mommy. you are undoubtably my favorite person in this whole wide world and i wouldn’t be the person i am today without your loving nature and beautiful soul.”

“you’re 49 and still don’t have a single grey hair- thanks for the great genetics coming my way <3”

Christine was sure to thank her daughter in the comments, saying, “Thanks ysabel! I’m blessed to be your Mom! ???”

Christine and Ysabel Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
Christine thanked Ysabel for the birthday tribute last month. Pic credit: @ysabelpaigebrown/Instagram

Ysabel’s surgery was a touchy subject during the season finale episode

Ysabel made headlines last month during the season finale of Sister Wives when her dad, Kody Brown, suggested that she fly alone for her scoliosis surgery, from Arizona to New Jersey. Fans sounded off as they were unhappy with Kody’s reaction to his daughter having surgery.

Kody wasn’t on board with Christine’s support of their daughter, Ysabel, having her surgery during a pandemic. He refused to accompany her on her trip, and the conversation ended with Ysabel in tears.

Christine has expressed her strong desire to move back to Utah, and it might seem like a viable option, although her daughters, including Ysabel, weren’t on board with the idea. So it seems, for now, Christine and her girls will stay in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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