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Sister Wives: Janelle and Robyn talk about the kids’ unique graduation during coronavirus pandemic

Gwendlyn, Gabriel and Aurora Brown of Sister Wives
The Browns’ Gwendlyn, Gabriel and Aurora, who are all the same age. Pic credit: TLC

This season of Sister Wives was filmed almost entirely during the start of the pandemic, so the Browns’ kids graduating from high school had a different experience than what is typically expected at graduation ceremonies.

Three of the Browns’ kids, Gwendlyn, Aurora and Gabriel, are the same age. Gwendlyn and Breanna participated in their school’s celebration that took place outdoors due to the pandemic.

Viewers got a glimpse of the graduation festivities during the season finale of Sister Wives.

The kids decorated their cars and drove in succession with the other students, many of them hanging out of windows and sunroofs, yelling in celebration and honking their horns.

Not all of the three 19-year-olds in the family graduated together, though.

Janelle shared in a tweet that she and Kody’s son, Gabriel, graduated a year early.

He was enrolled in classes at Northern Arizona University while the ceremony took place, and chose not to attend the formal graduation.

Gabriel is one of Kody’s children who had a social life during quarantine, sparking a fight with Janelle

Gabriel is one of Janelle and Kody’s children who still live at home, in addition to Garrison and Savanah. Their kids were worried that their dad would “wreck” the family by going such long periods without seeing some of the family.

Kody had issues with Janelle allowing Garrison and Gabriel to have work and social lives outside of the home when the pandemic first hit.

Kody was worried they would increase the chances of spreading the virus to the rest of the family. Kody got called out for calling Janelle “lazy” and “full of s**t” over her differing pandemic protocol choices.

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Robyn Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Robyn tweeted about graduation. Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs/Twitter

The Browns’ daughter, Breanna, is Robyn’s child from her previous marriage to David Jessop. She celebrated a birthday, along with several other family members, during the pandemic which was featured in an earlier episode this season.

Janelle shared that she was impressed and watched from her house

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Janelle was impressed. Pic credit: @JanelleBrown117/Twitter

Janelle tweeted that she was impressed with the graduation that their school district put together. She told her fans, “I was so impressed with what our local school district organized for our graduation! I watched it from my house with my kids.”

Janelle also explained why Gabriel wasn’t at the graduation. She tweeted, “We had three kids the same age. Gabe graduated a year early and has been attending NAU the past year. He did not participate in the formal graduation.”

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Janelle clarified why Gabriel didn’t attend graduation last year. Pic credit: @JanelleBrown117/Twitter

Sister Wives fans watched a lot of drama unfold this season, mainly between Meri and Kody, so it was refreshing to watch a happy storyline for a change.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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