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Sister Wives: Christine Brown celebrates daughter Aspyn’s third wedding anniversary with husband Mitch Thompson

Christine Brown, Aspyn and Mitch Thompson of Sister Wives
Christine Brown celebrated daughter Aspyn’s wedding anniversary. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown helped celebrate her eldest daughter Aspyn’s third wedding anniversary with husband Mitch Thompson.

In attendance were three of Christine’s other daughters, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely, along with a family friend.

Christine shared a pic to her Instagram account with the caption, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO Aspyn and @mitchellton13! We had so much fun with you!!”

In the pic, the group posed from a restaurant booth, with Christine’s younger daughters surrounding Aspyn and Mitch, who sat in the center.

The entire group looked healthy and happy and gave big smiles for the camera as they finished up their meals.

Did Kody miss another milestone in his kids’ lives?

Absent from the Instagram photo was Christine herself, who possibly was behind the camera, taking the pic.

Also visibly absent in the shot? Christine’s husband and Aspyn’s dad, Kody Brown.

Fans of the show know that Christine and Kody struggled in their marriage this season. Christine even stormed off at one point during a family meeting and said she “couldn’t do marriage with Kody anymore.”

Kody snubbed his kids’ birthdays earlier this year

Kody has been absent for two of his children’s birthdays this year. Kody’s eldest child, son Logan, whom he shares with wife number two Janelle, celebrated a birthday last month.

Janelle shared a post on Instagram for Logan’s birthday, where she made the trek from Flagstaff, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate his 27th birthday. Kody, however, was nowhere to be seen.

Another one of Kody’s children, Ysabel, whom he shares with third wife Christine, celebrated a birthday earlier this month. Kody was again mysteriously missing from all social media pics.

Fans of the show have found it hypocritical of Kody to miss his kids’ milestone moments, including birthdays — especially because he touted how important birthdays are to his family.

In March of this year, Kody tweeted to his followers, “We have always made birthdays a big deal. Maybe even [an] overindulgence in some opinions. But I defend big deal birthdays as homage and celebration of each family member. It’s important.”

A few of Christine’s followers noted Kody’s absence and pointed it out

“The old man is never there !” wrote one of Christine’s 466k followers.

Christine Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
One of Christine’s followers noted that Kody is never pictured in family events. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Another said, “Again… no Kody. ??‍♀️”

“[Robyn] probably wont let him leave she will cry like she does every episode ??,” said another one of Christine’s followers of Kody’s absence from the pic.

Christine Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
Christine’s followers pointed out Kody’s absence from another family event. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Aspyn and Mitch got married in 2018 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony

The couple’s wedding was filmed for an episode of Sister Wives, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the chateau-style La Caille restaurant in Sandy, Utah.

Aspyn explained to People why the couple chose their venue. “It’s beautiful on its own, so we didn’t have to do much,” Aspyn said.

“There’s flowers, a beautiful view and a pond. We didn’t have to do much for décor because the venue is already great on its own. It takes away from us having to worry about a lot of details and allows us and our families to just enjoy it,” she added.

The couple incorporated Mitch’s Scottish heritage into their ceremony, with both the groom and the bride’s father, Kody, sporting kilts.

Aspyn and Mitch Thompson on their wedding day with Kody Brown and his wives from Sister Wives on TLC
Aspyn and Mitch on their wedding day, with Aspyn’s parents Kody, Christine, Janelle, Meri and Robyn Brown. Pic credit: TLC

In addition, Mitch’s mom had hats made for all four of Aspyn’s moms, Christine, Meri, Janelle and Robyn, to wear during the ceremony and reception.

Aspyn and Mitch opted to forgo a bridal party, but they included Aspyn’s younger sister, Truely, as a page, and Ariella Brown as a flower girl, along with 10 of Mitch’s nieces.

Aspyn and Mitch currently reside in Utah, where the couple moved the same day she graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.