Did Kody Brown snub another birthday? Christine celebrates daughter Ysabel’s 18th birthday without him

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Did Kody snub Ysabel on her 18th birthday? Pic credit: TLC

Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Ysabel celebrated her 18th birthday over the weekend, but Kody was mysteriously missing from the picture.

Ysabel, whose birthday is June 12, spent time with friends and family to commemorate her milestone birthday. But did her dad Kody snub her?

The teenager shared pics on her Instagram account over the weekend of some of the fun she had partaking in her birthday festivities.

Ysabel and Christine shared pics from their trip to Utah

In a post captioned, “??•~18~• ⚡️?,” Ysabel shared pics of herself and a friend posing in front of In-N-Out Burger, standing atop a mountain with red rocks in the distance while giving a peace sign, and a picture with a friend at the theater where they went to see Les Misérables.

Ysabel’s mom, Christine, also shared a pic from inside the theater where they went to see Les Misérables. The theater is located in Utah, interestingly.

Fans of the show will remember Christine’s push to move the family back to Utah this season. Her proposition was met with resistance, both from her kids and Kody and her sister wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn.

Christine’s pic included herself, daughter Ysabel and a friend, and Christine and Kody’s daughters Mykelti, Gwendlyn, and Truely. Kody and Christine’s daughter, Aspyn, and her husband Mitch also attended with the group.

Christine’s only son, Paedon, didn’t appear to be in attendance for the play, but neither did another important male in her life — husband, Kody Brown.

Ysabel’s dad showed up earlier this month for his daughter’s high school graduation. In her graduation post, Ysabel shared a rare pic of her dad, Kody.

Kody, however, hasn’t been seen in many other family pics, and missed out on his eldest child, son Logan’s birthday last month.

Sister Wives fans may find Kody’s absences surprising, given what he said back in March. “We have always made birthdays a big deal. Maybe even [an] overindulgence in some opinions. But I defend big deal birthdays as homage and celebration of each family member. It’s important,” he tweeted to his followers.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Kody told his fans that he makes a big deal out of birthdays. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Kody caused Sister Wives fans to sound off when he suggested daughter Ysabel, who has scoliosis, fly alone to her surgery from Arizona to New Jersey.

Christine has been traveling a lot without Kody lately

Christine took a trip to Idaho with her kids, sans Kody, back in April. And she’s been back and forth to Utah quite a bit since her first grandchild, Avalon was born.

This season, Christine hinted at a “rough” relationship with Kody that began after she adamantly turned down his idea for one house for their large family.

The last mention of Kody in Christine’s life was back in March after a large snowstorm. Christine shared a pic of a blanket of snow surrounding her Flagstaff home when Kody commented on her post, “I just spent the whole morning on Saturday shoveling that ! Aaaarrrgh!”

After viewers watched this season of Sister Wives, it looks like no one would be too surprised if Kody split with any of his wives.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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