Siesta Key: Sam Logan reacts to news his ex girlfriend Brittany Russell is pregnant

Siesta Key's Sam Logan.
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan reacts after finding out his ex-girlfriend Brittany is pregnant. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key star Sam Logan has been dealing with some drama because of his ex-girlfriends.

He’s recently been speaking out about his breakup with Juliette Porter.

He disagreed with her explanation for their breakup, but he’s also gone as far as calling her a liar after seeing some of her social media posts.

People have started making their opinions about the situation as they’ve watched their breakup play out so far in the new season.

Despite Juliette moving on with someone new, the drama surrounding their breakup continues to haunt both of them.

It seems that Juliette isn’t the only ex-girlfriend on Sam’s mind at the moment.

He just found out that his ex-girlfriend Brittany Russell is pregnant, and he shared his thoughts on her big news.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan reacts to ex-girlfriend Brittany Russell’s pregnancy

Siesta Key fans will recall that Brittany was the girl who Sam was in a long-term relationship with before meeting Juliette.

During last season’s finale episode, it was even mentioned that Sam had potentially seen a future with Brittany but not with Juliette.

The cliffhanger left people wondering if Brittany may be coming back around to rekindle things with Sam, but things didn’t quite pan out that way.

Brittany revealed on her Instagram page that she was expecting a baby girl in October with her new boyfriend.

They posed with their arms wrapped around each other as she held an ultrasound picture over his shoulders.

The post was shared on an Instagram gossip page, where Sam commented and shared his thoughts on the news.

He wrote, “Whoot! what a year of hearing about my exes. Lol but they’re both great people and I wish them the best. He’s been notice but cordial/ cool every time we see one another.”

Sam Logan responds to Brittany's pregnancy news.
Pic credit: @mtv_reality_teaa/Instagram

Sam deleted his comment shortly after posting it.

Sam Logan has drama with former fling Meghan Bischoff

Not only is Sam processing the news that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, but there seems to be some drama between him and his former hookup Meghan Bischoff.

It was revealed that the two weren’t following each other on social media despite spending time hanging out together recently.

Fans had different theories about what could have happened to cause a rift between them, but it was unclear at the time.

Meghan seems focused on creating her own fashion line and has yet to speak out on the situation.

Fans should stay tuned to see what happens next with the ongoing drama.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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