Siesta Key: Sam Logan gets blocked by Meghan on social media

Siesta Key's Sam Logan and Meghan Bischoff.
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan was blocked by Meghan Bischoff on social media. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan has been front and center with the drama so far this season.

He and Juliette Porter’s breakup has played out over the last several episodes, and there have been a lot of opinions shared about the way things went down.

A lot of critics came for Sam after he was quick to flaunt “Miami Meghan” in Juliette’s face immediately following their split. He shared pictures on social media and brought her around their friend group.

Things changed, however, when Juliette started reaching out to Sam again, and he took measures to rid his home of any trace of Meghan in hopes of possibly making amends with Juliette.

Fans know that what’s being shown in recent episodes happened several months ago, and since then, they’ve seen that Sam still hangs out with Meghan per their social media posts. It’s unclear, however, if they’ve continued to hook up.

Observant fans noted, however, that Meghan has blocked Sam on social media, and now everyone is dying to know what happened.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan gets blocked by Meghan Bischoff

Even though Meghan has been hanging out with Sam at his new place in Miami, it seems that something may have happened to cause a rift between the two of them.

A Reddit user shared a post from an Instagram gossip page that discussed Meghan blocking Sam.

The post read, “I know a lot of people have been asking about why Meghan blocked sam .. all I can say is that you will get answers soon.”

Several people took to the comments section with theories on what may have happened.

One Reddit user thought it was because she realized Sam was “using her,” and then she watched as he threw his mattress out and had cleaners come to his house to “deep clean” after she had been there with him for a few weeks.

Fans guess why Meghan blocked Sam.
Pic credit: @u/hayray89/Reddit

A separate person thought that Meghan could have a boyfriend and was trying to separate herself from Sam.

Fans guess why Meghan blocked Sam.
Pic credit: @u/hayray89/Reddit

Another fan thought it could have to do with an Instagram Live where Sam admitted that Jordana was better than Meghan in bed.

Fans guess why Meghan blocked Sam.
Pic credit: @u/hayray89/Reddit

Is Siesta Key’s Meghan Bischoff competing with Juliette Porter?

Meghan’s decision to unfollow Sam comes following an announcement that she is starting up her own fashion brand.

It’s still unclear exactly what line of fashion she is getting into, but it got people wondering if she was trying to compete with Juliette’s swimwear line JMP The Label.

It seems that more information will be coming once she gets things officially up and running.

Fans will have to stay tuned to find out the truth behind why she decided to block Sam.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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