Siesta Key: Is Sam’s new girl Meghan trying to compete with Juliette’s swimwear line?

Siesta Key's Meghan Bischoff.
Siesta Key’s Meghan Bischoff hints at new business venture. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter has become a successful entrepreneur with her own swimwear line, JMP The Label.

She had the vision and passion to get into the fashion industry for quite some time and her hard work has shown through her growing brand.

Now, not only does she sell swimwear but she’s broadened her products to include accessories, dresses, and a recently launched activewear line.

Her business venture caused some drama between her and former best friend Kelsey Owens, who opened up a competing swimwear line of her own. Kelsey’s line, however, has disappeared from the internet and no longer seems to be active.

It looks like Kelsey isn’t the only one looking to compete with Juliette. It seems that Sam Logan’s rebound girl, Meghan Bischoff, might be venturing into the fashion world herself.

Is Sam Logan’s Siesta Key hookup Meghan Bischoff trying to compete with Juliette Porter’s swimwear line?

The new season of Siesta Key has showcased what went down between Juliette and Sam as their relationship started to fall apart.

In the most recent episodes, Juliette returned from a trip to Paris to find Sam showing off a girl he was supposedly hooking up with, Meghan.

Meghan was in pictures on Sam’s social media page and appeared on his yacht partying. This hurt Juliette’s feelings, especially when she saw Jordana Barnes posting pictures with Meghan as well.

While fans know Juliette has since moved on with a new man, Meghan very much still appears to be hanging around with Sam, but it’s unclear whether or not they have continued hooking up.

Following Meghan’s recent social media post, it seems possible that she may be looking to compete with Juliette’s swimwear line.

She shared two separate posts. The first showed her picking out fabric.

She captioned it, “The method to the madness.”

The second post showed Meghan hard at work in what appeared to be a studio as she measured and cut different fabrics.

She captioned the post with a long backstory of how she went from sleeping in her car and friend’s couches with $8 in her bank account to now following “her biggest passion” by starting her own business.

What is Meghan Bischoff’s new business?

It’s clear that Meghan has something in the works based on her most recent posts, but it’s not immediately obvious what the specific business will be tailored to.

It seems to be something in the fashion world as Meghan’s Instagram bio describes her as a “Fashion Designer.”

She also mentioned the Instagram page “musebymeg” as “coming soon” but the page does not have any content or information posted as of yet.

Will Meghan look to compete with Juliette in the swimwear industry? Fans will have to stay tuned to find out what Meghan has up her sleeve.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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