Siesta Key: Jordana Barnes debuts new nose job following criticism from fans

Siesta Key's Jordana Barnes shows off new nose.
Siesta Key star Jordana Barnes shows off her new nose job. Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes has had a growing presence on the show since viewers first met her.

She started out as Sam Logan’s friend and former hookup and caused some issues between him and Juliette Porter due to her flirtatious ways. After stirring the pot with Juliette and Sam, Jordana set her sights on Brandon Gomes and got into some drama with his ex-girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo.

Now, it seems Jordana has had a more prominent role on the show as she’s made connections and friendships with castmates such as her new BFF Cara Geswelli.

So far this season, Jordana has been causing some off-screen drama alongside Sam as the two have openly shared their opinions about Juliette and the way her breakup with Sam went down. Jordana even moved into Sam’s new Miami home with him but is adamant that they are not romantically involved.

Not only has Jordana found a new place to live, but she also debuted a new face as she recently had some cosmetic work done.

Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes debuts new nose job

Jordana has always appeared confident with how she carries herself and her romantic interactions on Siesta Key.

She made the decision, however, to get cosmetic work done and showed off the results of a nose job she had done.

She shared a photo on her Instagram stories with a bandage over her nose.

She captioned the post, “I’d like to see my nose already.”

Jordana Barnes shows off new nose.
Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

In her next post, she reminded her followers that her nose was “still very swollen.” She also told her haters to “keep that in mind before messaging [her] something rude.”

It seems that people may have been reaching out to Jordana when they saw she had some work done and shared some unwelcomed opinions.

Jordana Barnes talks about her nose job.
Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

In a longer post, she shared, “I don’t appreciate messages telling me how perfect my nose was already, my face my choice isn’t that cool? I’m 30 years old and finally had the courage to do what I’ve wanted since I was 16.”

She then explained how she’s had breathing problems that she wanted to take care of in addition to fixing the shape of her nose.

She continued, “I’m happy about my decision and will continue to share my journey with you guys but keep in mind that telling someone they didn’t need something after they made the decision to do it isn’t it.”

Jordana ended her rant with a thank you to those who have shown her support and said she couldn’t wait to show off the end results once she’s healed.

Jordana Barnes reacts to fan questions about her nose job.
Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes snaps at hater who made fun of her nose

Jordana’s debut of her new nose job comes following a recent interaction with a critic who made fun of her nose.

A troll came to the comment section of one of her posts and said she had a “huge gnocher.”

Jordana laughed it off and made a joke about the whole thing, and shared the post on her Instagram stories.

Jordana goes back and forth with a critic.
Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

Jordana made it clear that she had plans for a nose job long before the trolls started making fun of her.

It seems that fans will have to wait and see what Jordana’s nose looks like once she’s healed and removed her bandage, but she plans to update everyone on her journey.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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