Siesta Key: Are Sam Logan and Jordana Barnes moving in together?

Sam Logan and Jordana Barnes on Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan shared a post that made it seem like he and Jordana are about to be roommates. Pic credit: MTV

Rumors have circulated for a while now that there was something romantic going on between Siesta Key stars Sam Logan and Jordana Barnes.

While Sam was dating Juliette Porter last season, a lot of problems were caused by his friendship with Jordana. The two of them had allegedly hooked up in the past and it seemed as if Jordana wanted to be more than just friends.

She was often flirtatious with Sam and it rubbed Juliette the wrong way.

At one point, Sam had to address the flirty behavior as not to cause more issues in his relationship.

Now that Sam and Juliette have gone their separate ways, both Sam and Jordana have been spending a lot of time together.

Based on Sam’s latest social media post, it seems like they may be getting even cozier as roommates.

Are Siesta Key’s Sam Logan and Jordana Barnes moving in together?

Sam and Jordana appear to be attached at the hip lately as they are constantly appearing in Instagram photos and videos together on each other’s pages.

Sam’s most recent post even hinted that they may be moving in together.

He shared a photo of what looked like a new home he might have purchased in Miami, Florida.

The listing showed the home as “contingent” and Sam captioned his Instagram story, “Got a new thing in Miami w my room mate [Jordana].”

Jordana shared his post on her own Instagram story and jokingly wrote, “I guess I’ll let you crash at my new crib [Sam].”

Sam makes it seem like he and Jordana will be roommates. Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

It wasn’t immediately clear whether or not the two of them were just joking around or if they actually had intentions of living together.

Is Sam Logan trying to make Juliette Porter jealous?

Sam’s post about Jordana potentially being his roommate comes on the heels of a lot of drama with Juliette and her friends.

He’s recently been going head to head with them through social media posts and comments to the media.

After Juliette spoke out and shared her side of the story of their breakup, Sam clapped back and called her comments “gross.”

He also called out his costar Chloe Trautman after she said he needed to grow up and find a purpose in life.

It’s possible his recent post about the Miami home could be an attempt to ruffle Juliette’s feathers.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see what other drama comes out as the new season of Siesta Key continues.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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