Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes reacts after critic makes fun of her nose

Siesta Key star Jordana Barnes.
Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes clapped back at critic who made fun of her appearance. Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

Since she first joined the show, Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes has been at the center of controversy.

She started as a former hookup and friend of Sam Logan, who was dating Juliette Porter at the time Jordana first came on to the show. Jordana’s storyline seemed to center on her making waves as she continued to flirt with Sam and ultimately make Juliette jealous.

When Sam talked with Jordana about it, she then set her sights on Brandon Gomes. The two of them hooked up a few times, which then caused drama with her costar Camilla Cattaneo.

Most recently, now that Sam and Juliette have split, Jordana has aligned herself with Sam and the new girl he’s started to bring around, much to Juliette’s dismay.

Off-camera, she and Sam have been speaking out about their costars and calling people out for their behavior on the show. Both she and Sam also recently became roommates and are now living together in Miami.

Jordana’s controversial moves have landed her in some hot water with fans, and critics have wasted no time coming for her. When one troll recently made fun of Jordana’s nose, she clapped back and defended herself.

Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes claps back at critic who made fun of her nose

Jordana recently shared a message exchange on her Instagram stories.

It showed her going back and forth with a critic in the comment section of a post.

The person wrote, “Juliette is way prettier…this girl has a huge gnocher.”

Jordana asked, “A huge what?”

To which a separate person replied, “Nose.”

The original commenter then put a crying laughing emoji.

Jordana clapped back and sarcastically said, “loll well I’m getting my nose done in a week [laughing emoji] maybe Sam will like me then lmao.”

Jordana appeared unphased by the hate she received as she captioned the post, “You guys are funny sometimes lolll.”

Jordana goes back and forth with a critic.
Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

As of yet, Jordana has not debuted a new nose, so it’s unclear if she is actually getting cosmetic work done.

Jordana Barnes and Sam Logan continue to stir up drama with Siesta Key cast

Despite the hate she receives from some critics, that hasn’t stopped Jordana from speaking her mind so far this season, as new episodes of Siesta Key have aired.

At one point, she even shared that Juliette’s new boyfriend should be “embarrassed” by the way she’s been acting.

Juliette and the rest of the cast have been taking to social media following each episode and sharing their thoughts on what’s shown. Some of Juliette’s comments have thrown digs at Sam and Jordana, even though, at one point, she was pleading for peace between them.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see what new feuds erupt as the new season of Siesta Key continues.

Siesta Key airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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