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Siesta Key: Jordana Barnes says Juliette Porter’s new boyfriend should be ’embarrassed’

Jordana Barnes and Juliette Porter on Siesta Key.
Jordana Barnes and Juliette Porter take aim at each other on social media. Pic credit: MTV

As the new season of Siesta Key continues to show the demise of Sam Logan and Juliette Porter’s relationship, tensions are rising amongst the cast.

When the new episode aired, several cast members were posting to social media and many of the comments were directed at one another.

Juliette had a lot to say about the way Sam was acting amid their breakup and made some snide remarks about Jordana Barnes’ feelings toward Sam.

Juliette said that, “Jordana has been waiting for Sam and I to break up our whole relationship [laughing emoji] worth the wait sis.”

She also threw more shade her way and said there were “many other friends that came before [Jordana],” and that she “didn’t make the list” of people to hang out with.

Juliette also said that Jordana “was never quite good enough.”

Juliette throws shade at Jordana. Pic credit: @juliettep0rter/Twitter

The comments did not sit well with Jordana, and she made sure to clap back at Juliette on her own social media page, noting that her new boyfriend should be “embarrassed” by her behavior.

Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes thinks Juliette Porter’s boyfriend should be ’embarrassed’

After seeing the comments Juliette made about her, Jordana wasted no time taking to her own social media to clap back at her.

She replied to Juliette’s first comment about other friends coming before her and noted, “Lol [laughing emoji] I was his friend way before you came around and I’ll be his friend long after you.”

Jordana didn’t stop there though, as she also chimed in when Juliette said that she was “the one that was never quite good enough…”

Jordana replied, “Don’t you have a boyfriend… I’d be so embarrassed if I was Clark.. yikes girl.”

Jordana claps back at Juliette. Pic credit: @juliettep0rter/@jordana_barnes/Twitter

Jordana wasn’t the only one to address Juliette’s comments.

Her ex-boyfriend Sam jumped right in and also made it a point to bring up Juliette’s new man.

He shared a post on his Instagram stories and wrote, “Don’t you have a bf lol could you stop w the Twitter stuff it’s super weird lol please leave me alone.”

Sam takes aim at Juliette. Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram

What is going on with Juliette Porter’s new boyfriend Clark?

Siesta Key fans are aware that Juliette is seeing a new man named Clark. He first appeared alongside Juliette in photos from her costar Madisson Hausburg’s wedding this fall.

Clark has yet to appear on an episode so far this season, so little is known about him up to this point.

He has remained silent regarding all of the drama going on in the show, and it’s unknown whether or not the constant back and forth between Juliette, Sam, and Jordana has had any impact on him.

It’s likely as the season progresses, that viewers will be introduced to Clark and get a better idea of what his and Juliette’s relationship is like.

Fans should stay tuned as the season goes on as it seems like the drama is just getting started.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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