Siesta Key: Jordana Barnes claps back at Brandon Gomes after he said she’s ‘been around’

Brandon Gomes and Jordana Barnes on Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes and Brandon Gomes exchange blows on social media. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key’s Brandon Gomes started the new season laying low and avoiding the drama.

He recently became a father to baby Quincy, who he shares with Delainey Shae. Quincy will be one in June.

Brandon cheated on his then-girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo with Delainey and currently is not dating either one of them. Last season he was in turmoil as he tried to balance co-parenting with Delainey while trying to get back into Camilla’s good graces.

That situation only became more complicated once he started hooking up with his costar Jordana Barnes, which further upset Camilla after she thought they were trying to work on things.

Brandon made it clear to Jordana that he wasn’t interested in a relationship with her, but the two of them allegedly hooked up at the last reunion. The bomb was dropped by Chloe Trautman, and it caused Brandon to walk off the stage as he knew it would cement the nail in the coffin to his and Camilla’s future potential.

Following last season, it doesn’t look like Jordana and Brandon are on good terms as they’ve both gone at each other recently on social media.

Jordana Barnes claps back at Brandon Gomes after he said she’s ‘been around’

Jordana has had a tendency to stir the pot with her costars since she joined the cast of Siesta Key. It started with her posing a threat to Juliette Porter and Sam Logan’s relationship as she was overly flirtatious with Sam and had supposedly hooked up with him in the past.

Jordana then became the villain in the ongoing Brandon and Camilla love triangle as she started hooking up with Brandon, which upset Camilla to the point of her throwing Jordana in the pool last season.

Following recent episodes, Brandon took to social media and threw shade Jordana’s way.

He wrote on his Twitter page, “that girl been around like the merry go.”

Jordana quickly clapped back at him and said, “LMAO you’re one to talk. You know what’s funny? I haven’t hooked up with anyone since your nasty a** 6 months ago so stfu.”

Brandon had a cheeky response and said, “Oh Jordana..[crying laughing emoji] thought I had you blocked.”

Brandon Gomes tweet
Brandon and Jordana go back and forth. Pic credit: @_BG_Gomes/Twitter

Brandon appeared unbothered by Jordana seeing what he wrote about her, as evidenced by his reply.

Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes attacks Brandon Gomes’s music

While Brandon was able to laugh off the entire exchange, it seemed to just upset Jordana even more.

She continued to go off about Brandon on her own Twitter page and insulted his music career.

She tweeted, “Oh hey Brandon I thought you were off making s****y music no one cares about lol.”

Jordana Barne's tweet
Jordana insults Brandon’s music. Pic credit: @jordana_barnes/Twitter

Brandon didn’t seem to further engage in the back and forth with Jordana.

Based on this recent exchange, it doesn’t look like Jordana and Brandon are on great terms.

Fans should stay tuned to watch their dynamic on the new season of Siesta Key.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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