Siesta Key Season 4 will return next month — Here’s everything we know

Juliette Porter on Siesta Key.
The new season of Siesta Key will premiere next month. Pic credit: MTV

MTV’s Siesta Key will return for a new season and there’s a lot that fans have to look forward to.

Last season ended with Juliette Porter and her boyfriend Sam Logan getting ready to officially move in together. Despite the new milestone, it seemed that trouble was already brewing.

Amanda Miller had a conversation with a girl named Brittany, who dated and lived with Sam for almost a decade. Brittany told Amanda that Sam had been saying he was planning to marry her someday, hinting that he didn’t see a future between him and Juliette.

Tensions continued to run high between Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes as she dealt with the ongoing struggle of watching him raise a baby with the girl he cheated on her with.

Kelsey Owens and Juliette seemed like their friendship would never be the same again as the two of them continued to duke it out over competing swimsuit lines.

If all of that drama wasn’t enough of a cliffhanger, the last season ended with Madisson Hausburg presenting her boyfriend Ish Soto with a cake that said “We’re pregnant.”

Here’s everything we know about what fans can expect when the new season begins next month.

Here’s everything we know about the new season of Siesta Key

While anyone who follows Juliette and Sam on social media already knows that they broke up last August, it’s still unclear as to what exactly happened between them. Rumors circulated on social media that one of them cheated on the other but that has yet to be confirmed or denied.

The new season is set to document their relationship issues and everything that led to their split. Fans will watch as Juliette continues to struggle with finding her independence as an entrepreneur while still trying to navigate her relationship.

Chloe Trautman met a new man, Chris Long, and things between them got serious pretty quickly. As fans know, she not only got engaged to him last November but they recently got married this past weekend. Viewers will get an inside look at their whirlwind romance and everything that led up to their big day.

Kelsey’s relationship with her boyfriend Max will hit a wall and so will her business as she faces some unexpected challenges. She’s kept fans guessing about what’s going on with her swimwear line as her social media page and website for the brand have hinted that something new is in the works.

As for Madisson, not only is she newly pregnant, but fans will get to watch as she and Ish plan their big wedding day. While just a few months ago, Madisson and Ish went through an unimaginable loss as their baby was stillborn, it’s unknown how much of that, if anything, viewers will get to see in the new season.

Free-spirited Amanda has her heart set on a new man this season but will struggle to commit once things take a turn in regard to her family life.

Garrett Miller on the other hand is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, Makenna “Kenna” Quesenberry. However, this season his friends will voice their disapproval of the relationship, catching Garrett off guard. The two of them did end up getting engaged in November, but viewers will have to wait and see who gave their blessing and who didn’t.

Brandon will continue his journey as a new father but will continue to struggle with maintaining his own life goals. It’s unknown whether he and Camilla will ever be able to make things work between them again.

When will the new season of Siesta Key begin?

It’s clear that the cast of Siesta Key has a lot of major milestones coming up as well as some major heartache.

Fans will get to watch all of the excitement play out when the new season premieres on Thursday, March 10.

With all of the drama that’s sure to come, viewers won’t want to miss a second!

Siesta Key returns on Thursday, March 10 at 9/8c on MTV.

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