Siesta Key: What happened to Kelsey Owens’ swimsuit line?

Kelsey Owens Siesta Key.
Kelsey Owens seems to have taken her swimwear line off the grid. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key fans will recall the drama that occurred between Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter as they competed over swimsuit lines.

The fact that Kelsey started her line after Juliette pursued her dream of having one caused a major rift in their friendship, ultimately changing their relationship for good.

After an intense argument where Juliette hit Kelsey, the girls ultimately went their separate ways while still remaining somewhat cordial.

Both of them continued with their own individual swimwear lines, but it looks like Kelsey may have put a stop to her plans.

Observant fans have noticed that Kelsey’s Instagram page has changed and no longer advertises the bathing suits.

What happened to Kelsey Owens’ swimsuit line?

It seems as though Kelsey’s line is either getting a revamp or is done for good.

When venturing to her site,, a message appears that displays “Opening Soon.”

The site was initially launched in May of 2021 and showed off the collection of hats, towels, totes, hoodies, and bright-colored swimwear.

Kelsey’s friends Camilla Cattaneo and Amanda Miller even helped out by modeling different styles for the website.

Now, it looks like that’s all disappeared.

In addition to the website being down, Kelsey’s designated Instagram page for the swimwear line has changed its name and removed all photographs.

It now has the name “Endless Summer,” and the handle is now “travelwithko_” making it seem as though the page will now be dedicated to travel instead of clothing.

Kelsey has not spoken about what is happening with her company, but the social media activity has left fans with more questions than answers.

Siesta Key fans wonder if Kelsey’s swimwear line was created for a story line

Siesta Key fans took to Reddit to speculate on what had happened.

Some wondered whether the swimsuit line was created for “more of a storyline” to create drama between Kelsey and Juliette.

Fans wonder what happened to the swimwear line. Pic credit: @PassinHash954/Reddit

A Reddit user shared those same sentiments and thought that if Kelsey was “truly passionate” about creating the line, then she wouldn’t have “given up.”

Fans wonder what happened to the swimwear line. Pic credit: @softskeletonsx/Reddit

Others thought that maybe the line just “ran out of gas,” so she decided to go in a different direction with a travel blog.

Fans wonder what happened to the swimwear line. Pic credit: @TedInPittsburgh/Reddit

Viewers may not know the reason behind the changes until Kelsey makes an announcement which could very well wait until the new season of Siesta Key airs.

As of now, a premiere date for the new season has yet to be released.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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