MTV previews Teen Mom OG reunion, fans get heated

Teen Mom OG cast
The cast of Teen Mom OG will appear in part one of their reunion episode next week. Pic credit: MTV

The Teen Mom franchise released a preview clip of next week’s reunion for Teen Mom OG and fans of the show have gotten fired up.

The clip wasted no time getting to the drama. It opened with Maci’s husband, Taylor McKinney, saying, “If you’ve got something to say, sit out here and say it,” as he pointed to the couch.

The clip appeared to show Taylor throwing major shade at Ryan’s dad, Larry

It’s unclear who Taylor was speaking to, but some speculate it could be Ryan Edwards’ dad, Larry.

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Fans of the show will remember that Ryan Edwards and his family recently got fired from the show. Prior to their firing, rumors circulated and spoilers revealed the fight between Taylor and Larry at the reunion.

Reportedly, Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie, were asked to join the reunion but refused to sit face-to-face with Maci and Taylor. Instead, Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, sat across from Maci and Taylor on the reunion couch.

In the next scene, Mackenzie McKee’s husband, Josh, is heard saying, “Yeah, ever since 16 and Pregnant, you just wanna jump down my throat,” as he pointed his finger.

Fans haven’t exactly been big fans of Mackenzie’s husband, Josh, labeling him as “emotionally abusive.”

The cameras showed Dr. Drew, the reunion’s host, looking confused while Mackenzie had her mouth open, with wide eyes, in shock.

Things got heated when Taylor called Larry names

Next, Taylor matter-of-factly told Larry, “You’re a sorry son of a b***h.”

Larry’s wife, Jen, leaned forward and said to Taylor, “Excuse me?!”

Amber seemingly insulted ex Gary’s wife, Kristina

Next, viewers saw Amber saying, “Your wife is absolutely horrible,” presumably to her ex, Gary, who is shown laughing sarcastically.

Catelynn announced her pregnancy to the crew

Catelynn spoke up next from a video call and told the rest of the cast and hosts, Dr. Drew and Nessa, “Tyler and I are having our final child,” as the entire crew cheered and clapped excitedly for the couple.

Catelynn recently shared her traumatic miscarriage experience on the season finale episode of Teen Mom OG. She and husband Tyler are expecting another baby girl later this year.

Teen Mom OG fans showed up in the comments and didn’t hold back

As if the preview clip weren’t enough of a drama tease, fans took to the comments and sounded off about the reunion.

One fan of the show thought Larry and Jen needed to hear from Taylor and they called Amber “delusional.”

They wrote, “Finally Taylor tells them what he thinks!! YES.. someone needs to.. he has Benetly’s best interest at heart all the time they don’t. And Amber you are delusional about what is going on and will lose your daughter.”

Teen Mom on Twitter
Fans of Teen Mom OG showed up in the comments. Pic credit: @TeenMom/Twitter

Fans got candid and one even suggested violence at the reunion

Another fan brought up violence and Kail’s past on the reunions, “Amber said someone is horrible, this lazy bitch stays finding the audacity. She shoulda got popped in the back of the head like Kail did the other reunion.”

Amber had another tumultuous season, especially when it came to her relationship with her daughter, Leah.

When Amber skipped Leah’s birthday celebration, it set off a wave of emotion and Leah got real about how she feels about her mom.

Amber’s brother called her out for her absence in Leah’s life during one episode. Off-camera, Amber went on an IG rant, spewing insults at Kristina, and went on another IG tirade on Easter, only to later delete her comments.

More fans thought Ryan’s parents need to ‘hold Ryan accountable’

Teen Mom on Twitter
More fans of the show sounded off. Pic credit: @TeenMom/Twitter

One said, “Can’t wait!! #teamtaylor Can’t wait to see someone finally put Larry in his place. Larry and his wife never hold ryan accountable for Ryan’s actions. Its always someone elses fault even sweet innocent Bentley.”

One fan singled out Amber: “@AmberLPortwood is so delusional it’s sad.”

Each of the moms has faced their own struggles this season and several of them tweeted about the season finale earlier this week.

Fans of the show won’t want to miss this reunion. They can catch part one of the reunion show next Tuesday on MTV.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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