Maci Bookout discusses co-parenting with Jen and Larry and how her decisions affect Bentley

Maci Bookout on an episode of Teen Mom OG
Maci Bookout describes co-parenting with Jen and Larry and how it affects Bentley Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout made a guest appearance on Vee Torres and Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast.

While speaking with the Teen Mom 2 stars, Maci opened up about different aspects of her life including her relationship with her husband and children.

Leading up to her appearance, fans were hopeful that Maci would address the current situation happening between her and the Edwards family.

Larry Edwards recently went public with the news that he and his family had been fired from Teen Mom OG after they allegedly upset Maci with a comment they made at the reunion.

Mackenzie Edwards claimed that Maci went above production to get them fired and wanted the show to focus on more aspects of her life instead of just the ongoing drama between the families. Ryan Edwards claimed that he was okay with the firings and he was ready to move on from the show.

Maci and Ryan’s co-parenting relationship has always been tumultuous and Maci has spent most of her time primarily working with Jen and Larry to coordinate visits with Bentley.

During her time on the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, Maci was asked about her co-parenting situation and how she’s handled such stressful circumstances.

Maci claims she has a ‘good poker face’

Vee and Kail tried to tread lightly around the topic of co-parenting knowing that it was a contentious subject for Maci.

As co-parents themselves, they were curious how Maci has navigated her current situation with such maturity. They noted that she has done an impressive job with holding herself together under difficult circumstances.

Maci responded and said, “Well, I will say, I have a good poker face most of the time.”

When asked about her relationship with Ryan, she explained, “Our relationship, the extent of it, has honestly just been the show. I probably lay eyes on Ryan, and have for years and years, maybe a handful of times a year.”

Maci discusses co-parenting with Jen and Larry and how it affects Bentley

In regard to her current co-parenting situation, Kail came right out and asked Maci if she actually co-parented with Ryan or if she co-parented with Jen and Larry instead.

Maci said, “I’ve always co-parented with [Ryan’s] parents.”

She said, “It’s just one of those things…one thing I tell people all the time when they ask these questions is, you just have to remember it’s not about you….your kid is the priority, but you have to keep emotions out of it.”

Maci discussed how people tell her all the time that she should “take Bentley away from those people” and that it “irritates” her to hear that.

She continued, “You’re taking someone away from that child. Of course, there are times you have to make that decision because it’s not in their best interest or going to keep them safe, but if their well-being and safety is not on the table and you don’t have to worry about their safety, you’re hurting your child, not the adult.”

She reiterated that if she were to take Bentley away from the Edwards family, that it was only going to hurt him in the long run.

Maci added, “It’s not taking Bentley away, it’s taking away from Bentley. If everything is okay and you know your child is safe and not negatively influenced by those people, then you’re just worried about yourself and not the kid.”

Throughout the entire ordeal with the Edwards family, Maci has insisted that she has followed Bentley’s wishes and respected his feelings toward spending time with his father. She said that she has encouraged Bentley to think for himself and not be pressured by anyone else’s opinion.

Even though Larry Edwards has continued to insist that Maci has kept Bentley from them, from the sound of her interview on the podcast, Maci claims she hasn’t and doesn’t think that would be in the best interest of her son.

Maci has yet to address whether or not she had a role in getting the family fired from Teen Mom OG. MTV also has yet to verify that the firings are true.

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