Mackenzie McKee says she doesn’t care if she and Josh end up apart, fans claim he’s ‘emotionally abusive’

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG shared a post about her on-again husband Josh McKee that had fans calling him out for being manipulative and “emotionally abusive”.

The post was a GIF from a scene in the latest Teen Mom OG episode when Mackenzie’s husband Josh brought her flowers for her birthday as the couple hugged.

Mackenzie captioned the pic, “He always gets me red roses and blue violets. Idc [I don’t care] if we end up apart one day. I just wish him happiness because this is my best friend.”

Mackenzie’s followers felt strongly about Josh’s treatment of her and weren’t afraid to voice it

Her followers were not impressed with Josh’s efforts and they sounded off in her comment section.

One follower told Mackenzie, “He is not a good person. He may be a good father but he is manipulative and emotionally and verbally abusive towards you.

“Don’t stay together ‘for the kids’ it does more harm then [sic] good. Please Mac think about it!”

Another fan weighed in with a bold accusation, saying, “Again emotional abuse is NOT OK!!! THIS IS NOT OK.”

One of her followers was concerned that she was being too forgiving towards Josh and wrote, “Baby I think the body language says it all… you are open, embracing him with your whole body.”

“He is turned away, looking elsewhere. I know how painful it must be to even think about moving on but… I really do think it’s what’s best for your entire family.”

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Mackenzie McKee’s fans commented on her post. Pic credit: Twitter

Mackenzie and Josh have a long, rocky history

Mackenzie and Josh have had a tumultuous relationship that started in 2009. The couple first appeared on the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant, and then Teen Mom 3 before Mackenzie replaced Bristol Palin on the Teen Mom OG cast.

The couple met as teenagers and welcomed their first child, son Gannon, in 2011. They welcomed their daughter Jaxie in 2014 and their youngest son Broncs in 2016.

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
More fans sounded off. Pic credit: Twitter

Mackenzie and Josh got married in 2013 and have had their fair share of rocky moments along the way. In 2019, Mackenzie filed for divorce from Josh after allegations surfaced that he cheated with her cousin. At the time, Mackenzie was also dealing with her mom’s death after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Mackenzie also said that re-watching their storyline on the show opened her eyes to Josh’s deception. Mackenzie admitted that Josh never signed the divorce papers, though, and he even re-proposed to her in Season 8 of the show.

Josh eventually joined Mackenzie and the kids in Florida

The two remained estranged until recently. They have broken up and gotten back together more times than fans can count, but they currently seem to be back together.

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Fan comments on Mackenzie’s status. Pic credit: Twitter

Mackenzie moved to Florida with their three kids, Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs, when she accepted a job offer. Initially, Josh didn’t come with the family, and Mackenzie didn’t want him there.

However, he once again made his way back in her life and soon enough, Mackenzie was posting pics of them together, much to the dismay of her fans.

Although seemingly everyone else can see the problems, she isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel just yet. 

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