Teen Mom OG spoilers: Maci and Taylor face off with Ryan Edwards’ parents at the reunion

Taylor McKinney, Maci Bookout, Larry Edwards, and Jen Edwards on Teen Mom OG
Maci and Taylor face off with Jen and Larry at the Teen Mom OG reunion Pic credit: MTV

For several years now, Maci Bookout has had a contentious relationship with her ex boyfriend Ryan Edwards.

The two of them share twelve-year-old son Bentley, and have often been at odds due to Ryan’s lack of involvement.

Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, are often the ones who spend time with Bentley during Ryan’s time with him and Bentley has had a good relationship with them. Ryan has struggled with addiction and has been in and out of rehab over the last couple of years.

Fans have bashed Jen and Larry recently because they’ve continued to enable Ryan and have defended him for not being there for Bentley. Ryan’s parents felt that Ryan shouldn’t be judged for not taking care of Bentley at a point in his life when he wasn’t able to take care of himself.

Bentley recently said he did not want to spend time with Ryan until the two of them could go to therapy together. Jen and Larry have started to place blame on Maci for Bentley not wanting to spend time with his father and don’t think he came to that conclusion on his own.

On the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Ryan and his wife Mackenzie Edwards referred to Maci as “petty” which caused Maci to lash out in an angry post on Twitter.

As the tension between the Edwards family and Maci has continued to grow, The Ashley revealed that Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney will face off with Jen and Larry in a blowout at the Teen Mom OG reunion.

Maci and Taylor face-off with Jen and Larry

The Ashley revealed that the Season 9 reunion has been filming this week.

It was reported that Maci and Taylor became so upset after their confrontation with Jen and Larry that they removed themselves from the set.

A source in production told The Ashley, “At first, MTV wanted Mackenzie and Ryan to square off in-person on the set with Maci and Taylor, but Ryan absolutely refused. Then they asked Mackenzie to go out on stage solo and film a scene with Taylor and Maci but she said no.”

Jen and Larry agreed to film the segment on stage with Maci and Taylor and things came to a head. The source said the tension in the room was obvious but everything went okay until the end.

The source reported that Jen asked Maci several times if she was okay because she seemed angry and distant. Maci made it known that she was not happy but did not elaborate on why.

It was reported that Taylor exploded on Jen and Larry and said that Ryan was a “piece of sh*t”. He said that he had been there for Bentley for a long time while Ryan failed to be.

Things allegedly became so heated after the outburst that Taylor asked Larry to take things outside. The confrontation, however, never became physical.

Maci confronts Jen

As if Taylor’s outburst wasn’t enough to cause a blowout, The Ashley reported that Maci went off on Jen.

According to the source, Maci called Jen a “manipulative b***h.”

Soon after both confrontations, Maci and Taylor left the stage.

Several episodes still remain in the current season of Teen Mom OG, but it looks like there is plenty of drama to look forward to at the reunion.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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Amy Moerke
Amy Moerke
3 years ago

This is all very simple. Ryan is a giant drug addicted baby who has his mom, dad, and his wife wiping his ass and his tears as he does nothing to try to repair the damage the HE HAS DONE. It’s his fault, not Maci and Taylor’s, that he has no relationship with his child. He is an idiot who will never grow up because he will always have Mommy and Daddy to take care of s**t for him. It will never change unless they die because they are incapable of letting go. I’m heartbroken for Bentley BUT feel he will be fine because he has an AWESOME mom and Taylor is an AMAZING dad that has been there for him since the day they met. F**K YOU EDWARDS FAMILY – burn in hell

Shirley Barnes
Shirley Barnes
3 years ago

I just think the grandparents should be able to see Bently even if Ryan is a doche.

Nancy Siekierski
Nancy Siekierski
3 years ago
Reply to  Shirley Barnes

Have you seen what the Grparents have been saying about Bentley as of late… namely Larry? If you’re not that safe place to fall ( yes, emotionally counts too, not only physically, then you lose those privileges). They’re becoming toxic to him as well and don’t deserve visitation under THOSE circumstances.