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Teen Mom OG fans bash Ryan Edwards’ parents and think Maci should remove Bentley from the show

Jen Edwards, Larry Edwards and Maci Bookout during an episode of Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG fans blast Ryan Edwards’ parents and think Maci should remove Bentley from the show to protect him Pic credit: MTV

During the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, fans watched as Bentley, the son of Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards, attended his first counseling session in hopes of eventually attending with Ryan to mend their relationship.

Maci followed up with Bentley’s therapist to find out how the session went and was heartbroken to hear his feedback. The therapist mentioned that Bentley felt neglected by his father and those words broke Maci’s heart.

Bentley and Ryan’s relationship hasn’t always been great and for a while now, the Edwards family has placed blame on Maci and claimed that she was a “trigger” for Ryan.

Jen and Larry Edwards, Ryan’s parents, discussed their relationship with Ryan. Jen became emotional as they talked about the pressure they’ve put on him to be more involved with Bentley in the past when he was incapable of taking care of himself.

Fans became outraged, however, when Larry mentioned a conversation he had with Bentley. In response, fans blasted Jen and Larry and think Maci should remove Bentley from the show to protect him.

Larry’s conversation with Bentley

Now that Bentley is a little older, he’s started to communicate what he needs and wants and one of those desires is to fix the relationship with his father through counseling.

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  1. Jen and Larry need to stop blaming Maci for Ryan’s issues. She has done one hell of a job raising Bentley WITHOUT help from his father. I can’t stand watching Ryan or his wife on the show. Why give them air time when all they do is bash Maci and feel sorry for themselves. Take them and Ryan’s parents off the show. Stop paying them. Ryan needs to get a real job.

  2. Jen and Larry should get the most horrible grandparents award. You have been your son’s enabler for years. Back off and let him grow up. Thank God Maci stepped up, because your son never did!!!!!
    The best thing she could do, is stop Bentley from filming and then Jen, Larry could leave the show no story line and your deadbeat son and daughter in-law could go to. They might have to actually get a job. I use to like Jen and Larry, but not anymore. They have sunk as low as their deadbeat son.


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