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Teen Mom OG: Bentley decides if he wants to reunite with Ryan

Maci and Bentley on Teen Mom OG
Maci prompts Bentley to call his Mimi about Jagger’s birthday party. Pic credit: MTV

Will Maci allow her son, Bentley, whom she shares with ex, Ryan Edwards, to attend his brother’s birthday party? Does Bentley even want to see his father?

On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers watch as Bentley is invited to his half-brother, Jagger’s birthday party.

Bentley recently began therapy to help him deal with his relationship with his dad, Ryan. It’s been hard for Maci to watch Bentley suffer because of his strained relationship with his father.

Maci has a long history of turmoil with Ryan Edwards

Ryan has been in and out of Bentley’s life since he was born. It’s no secret that he has a history of drug addiction and verbal abuse towards Maci, and she and her husband, Taylor, were even granted a two-year restraining order against Ryan for threatening to hurt Maci and take their son, Bentley.

Now, Ryan’s parents act as a buffer, communicating with Maci for Ryan so that Bentley can continue to visit them and hopefully, to work on his relationship with his dad.

In the latest Teen Mom OG clip from the recent episode, Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, sit together on their porch steps while Jen dials Maci on speakerphone.

Ryan Edwards' parents, Jen and Larry, call Maci to invite Bentley to a party at their house next week for his brother, Jagger
Ryan Edwards’ parents, Jen and Larry, call Maci to invite Bentley to a birthday party at their house. Pic credit: MTV

When Maci answers, Jen asks her if Bentley is able to make it to his brother Jagger’s birthday party at Jen and Larry’s house.

Maci replies that Bentley should be free for the party and that she’ll talk to him when he gets home from school and have him call her.

Jen says to Ryan’s dad, “Alrighty.”

To which Larry replies, “Okay,” with uncertainty in his voice.

Jen then asks him, “Do you think he’ll be able to come? I mean I hope so.”

Larry nods and mutters, “Yeah.”

Jen says, “I guess we’ll see.”

Maci is heard saying that Bentley hasn’t seen his dad in a long time. She says Bentley has made boundaries to keep his distance until they go to therapy together. Maci isn’t sure that Bentley will want to attend the party because of the strained relationship with his dad, Ryan.

Bentley and his mom sit on their couch and Maci tells him that first they’ll chit-chat and then they’ll decide about the party, as they playfully race each other to complete a Rubik’s cube.

Maci tells Bentley that his Mimi (Jen) called her today and that his brother Jagger’s birthday party will be at his grandparents’ house next week.

When Maci asks Bentley if he wants to go, he asks, “Who will be there?”

Maci tells him she assumes that Ryan and Mackenzie will be there since they’re Jagger’s parents. She tells him he can call his Mimi and ask her, to which Bentley calmly replies, “Yeah.”

Maci tells Bentley to call Ryan’s mom, Jen

Bentley dials his Mimi, Jen, and she answers with “Hi, bud!” Bentley seems shy and hesitant at first to ask his grandma questions about the party. He looks to his mom for assurance, so Maci helps him find his words by mouthing them for him.

Maci Bookout and her son Bentley Edwards call Ryan Edward's mom, Jen, to discuss brother Jagger's birthday party
Maci and Bentley call Ryan’s mom, Jen, to discuss who will be at Jagger’s birthday party. Pic credit: MTV

Bentley asks Jen who will be there and Jen claims she’s “not exactly sure, to be honest.” He looks back at his mom for reinforcement and Maci whispers, “Just ask her!”

Bentley asks if Daddy and Mac will be there. Jen cheerfully answers, “Oh, absolutely! It’s Jagger’s birthday,” to imply that them not being there would be absurd.

He then asks, “It’s at you all’s house, right?” Jen tells him that it is.

Bentley pauses for a few seconds, then happily replies with a smile, “Alright, I’m coming to the birthday party!”

Jen is excited and exclaims, “Yay!” In a heart-warming moment, Bentley sweetly asks what his little brother, Jagger wants for his birthday. Bentley and Jen exchange, I love you’s and hang up the phone.

Maci tells Bentley that she agrees with his decision to go, because Jagger is his brother. She tells him, “Don’t let all of us adults screw it up for all of you children.” Maci and Bentley smile and they both look relieved to have answers and that Bentley made the decision on his own.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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