Teen Mom OG: Maci Bookout is heartbroken over Bentley’s broken relationship with dad Ryan Edwards

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom OG.
Maci Boojkout is having a tough time dealing with Bentley’s feelings of neglect. Pic credit: MTV

The latest Teen Mom OG episode was a tough one for Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley Edwards.

Viewers have watched as things between Maci and Ryan Edwards have intensified over the years. From his battle with drug addiction to his threats against her and her husband, Taylor McKinney, it hasn’t been easy.

Bentley wanted to do therapy with his dad, and Maci took the steps needed to get him there. Unfortunately, he had to see his therapist before the father and son session could be scheduled, and following his first session, what Maci learned about his feelings was hard on her.

Bentley feels ‘neglected’ by Ryan Edwards

Maci Bookout was visibly upset when speaking with Bentley’s therapist. He explained what her son was feeling, which included neglect where his father, Ryan Edwards was concerned.

“It’s a difficult thing for a kid to feel that they need to teach their dad how to be a dad, that’s not their job,” the therapist explained. “It does seem like there’s some very real emotional needs Ryan isn’t meeting in Bentley. He’s not going to give the attention and interest in his life that Bentley naturally needs and wants from his biological father.”

That broke the Teen Mom OG star. She mentioned how she never wanted to hear Bentley and neglect in the same sentence. And now, here they are.

With Taylor McKinney by her side, he assured Maci that she was doing a great job at being his mom. Of course, she also talked about the influence he has had on Bentley’s life. Taylor has stepped up, and their family unit is one of the strongest in the franchise.

Teen Mom OG fans slam Ryan Edwards

Following the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, fans had a lot to say about Ryan Edwards. In fact, they slammed him all over social media.

Jen and Larry Edwards, Ryan’s parents, also caught a lot of flack for their defense of their son and his excuse for not being in Bentley’s life. Maci Bookout is a trigger for him, something he has talked about during prior seasons as well.

Ahead of this season of Teen Mom OG, Larry Edwards did allude to trouble between him and Maci where Bentley is concerned. He revealed they hadn’t seen him in a while, and there was little hope that Ryan and Maci would ever be able to co-parent effectively.

It appears that Ryan isn’t ready to be who Bentley needs him to be. With Jen and Larry backing their son, it looks like Maci Bookout will be the one picking up the pieces where Bentley is concerned, even if it breaks her heart each and every time.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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